Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Letter to Milojo

I just sent the below e-mail to Danielle at Milojo informing her of I hope I hear something back. Keep your fingers crossed.

Hello Danielle-

I’m sure you’re receiving a ton of e-mails from women inventors who attended the casting call, so I understand time is limited. My name is Melinda Knight (Inventor of the AttachaTray from Seattle, WA) and I attended the Chicago casting call. It was a pleasure meeting you. You did an amazing job organizing everything. It was such a wonderful experience not only because of the casting call, but in the process I met some of the most amazing women with fabulous inventions. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and run four businesses from my home while juggling two kids. There were so many wonderful ideas and many women have actually had their inventions manufactured, but they don’t know how to market themselves or understand the business side of things. Many of the women I networked and bonded with have been staying in touch and have formed a supportive community of women inventors. I have started a blog that is gathering a lot of attention: After Chicago I realized there was a niche that hasn’t been explored where an ecommerce website is developed for women inventors to get their product directly to the consumer. The website will be launched in about three months and can be found at . It will basically be an , where buyers can find the latest and greatest inventions by women only that can’t be found in the stores. The sellers will have direct access to their product posting and buyers will be able to comment on the invention/inventor. So many women across the nation and even worldwide are very excited about this untapped market. I know that very few of the women who attended the casting call are going to make it on the show, so I would appreciate it if there was some way to let the many that won’t make it know about this exciting opportunity for women inventors to sell their inventions in a safe and supportive environment. I thank you for your time. Have a great day.
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