Monday, January 31, 2011

Group Coaching with Jim DeBetta - helping inventors realize their dreams!

This is an amazing opportunity for inventors to receive Jim DeBetta's life changing coaching that most people spend thousands to receive with his new Group Coaching Program!  Read the Coaching Programs Jim DeBetta has to offer....

Most inventors want the same thing – to make money from their idea. You have a great idea that others can benefit from. You see successful inventions everyday when you go shopping and retail stores are filled with products that someone created. Why can’t you be that person that enjoys great success?

Most inventors face the same basic problem – they lack the knowledge of the proper steps to inventing. They often skip critical steps in an attempt to get their product on the market which results in it being improperly developed and just plain unsellable. They are also not financially prepared for the long road ahead. To enjoy success in this high risk business, you must understand the process and execute with precision.
Are you an invention entrepreneur who needs expert guidance to make your idea a reality? Are you nearly ready to sell to retailers or license your product? Do you need assistance with learning everything from how to find a factory to manufacture your product to how to sell to major retailers? If you are you unsure of what to do next and are afraid to spend your hard earned money incorrectly, then Jim’s Group and Private Coaching Programs are exactly what you need to help get your invention off the ground and on a path to success.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Global Partnerships Feature Entrepreneur: Edelma Altamirano—

Womentorz is so proud to be affiliated and support the efforts of Global Partnerships and all of the wonderful things they are doing for women around the world.  Our mission is to not only support women entrepreneurs on a national level, but also encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit on a global scale and Global Partnerships fulfills that mission!

About Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. They do this by supporting sustainable solutions like microfinance throughout Latin America. What makes them unique is their focus on partnering with socially-focused microfinance institutions that reach people traditionally left behind—like women and the rural poor. Their partners also provide additional services alongside microcredit--including agricultural assistance, healthcare, and business training—to provide a stronger foundation for progressing out of poverty.

Global Partnerships currently work in 7 countries in Latin America and through their partners, they are serving 844,000 people.  For more information please visit their website at

Feature Entrepreneur: Edelma Altamirano

Edelma Altamirano of León, Nicaragua, is a mother, a successful business owner and a cervical cancer survivor.  Age 37, Edelma has been a microloan borrower with Pro Mujer, a Global Partnerships partner, for seven years. With help from Pro Mujer, she has built up a successful clothing resale business. She travels to Managua on public transportation to buy her wares three times a week and then travels to Honduras three other days a week to sell.

 Edelma credits Pro Mujer not only with helping her establish a successful business, but also with helping her build her self-confidence. She never dreamed she would be a leader, but now, as president of her village bank, she takes pride in motivating members of her group.

Perhaps most important, she says that Pro Mujer’s approach of combining microcredit and health services saved her life. In 2006, Edelma received a health screening offered at her village bank meeting. Her Pap test detected early stages of cervical cancer. Pro Mujer arranged for her to see a specialist and have a biopsy and funded her subsequent surgery. She is now in remission.

Edelma’s children are well on their way to securing professional careers: her daughter is in third year of pharmacy studies and her son is finishing high school. And because of the fact that Edelma received health care through Pro Mujer, they still have a mother.  Edelma, meanwhile, has added health promotion to her leadership duties. “I try to motivate and give strength to women who are experiencing what I experienced,” she says. “I tell women that they should have their yearly Pap, take care of themselves,
and not leave health for later.”

Monday, January 10, 2011

Celeb Hoopla is Accepting Gifts for Christina Applegate for the Next Two Weeks!

Between January 10 and the 21st Celeb Hoopla will be accepting products to send to Christina Applegate in preparation for the birth of her bundle of joy.  Her husband accidentally slipped and said that they’re having a little girl and that they couldn’t be happier.  She has had a rough pregnancy, so this would definitely bring a smile to her face.   She may give birth during the process as her due date is very near.  Either way, this is a prime time to congratulate her on such a joyous occasion.   

This is an invaluable marketing opportunity to start the new year.  Your package will include a letter of endorsement by Celeb Hoopla, which will provide a description of your product as well as your address in hopes that a thank you will be sent.  Obviously we can’t guarantee a return note or photos, but there’s more of a likelihood when it’s easy to find.  You are still able to say that Christina has your product.
You must hurry…..there are only 15 spots available!!!

This service normally costs over $300, but because we are mass gifting to one celebrity who knows about our promotion, we can offer this service for ONLY $97 per product.  This includes the shipping cost to send your product to the celebrity.  You will still need to ship your gift to the Celeb Hoopla headquarters in order for us to prepare your package.   You won’t be grouped in with other products besides being mailed at the same time….you will have your own FedEx Box that can be tracked. 

You may be wondering how you take advantage of this awesome opportunity.  Just email with your PayPal email address and we will start the process along with an address to send your beautifully presented product.  Because the Celeb Hoopla name is attached to the product, we will need to screen for quality and relevance.  It is important to include a description of your product in your email for this purpose as well as to use in our endorsement letter.  Payment will need to be made prior to the 21st in order for us to send your gift. 

Don’t miss this priceless and timeless marketing tool!!!  Be sure to share this with others. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Power of Celebrity Gifting

It's easy to fall into the traditional avenues of promoting and marketing your product and/or service.  We often forget how powerful celebrity endorsement can be.  When I say endorsement, I don't mean that they have publicly supported your product, which obviously is a huge deal.  This can happen, but not by just sitting there and it doesn't usually happen often.  You still need to send your product to the celebrity regardless.  Another form of endorsement can simply be a thank you letter that they send back to you, or a statement from their contact of what they thought of your gift.  Just the fact that you sent your product to a celebrity and that they have it in their hands is a priceless marketing tool you are able to use for years to come.

Selecting a celebrity who you like and who you think would love your product is a definite plus and must.  You shouldn't be sending your product to just any celebrity.  Know your market and your celebrities.  Even though we would all love to have an A List celebrity receive our product, many times they have been so inundated with gifts over the years that they no longer accept them.  Don't underestimate the power of even D List celebrities.  It may not be your ideal choice, but they are well known by the public and could possibly become A List over time. 

Obviously, you can do this yourself, but it's difficult to get the connections and have managers or agents take you seriously.  It definitely helps to have a third party who is known to screen products and only send quality merchandise as your spokesperson.  This is where Celeb Hoopla comes into play.  We are highly respected in the industry and can give you the third party endorsement and guarantee of delivery you're in need of. 

This service normally costs thousands of dollars with other gifting agencies where you're usually lumped in with other products.  You won't be spending thousands of dollars with Celeb Hoopla either.  We can give you a customized quote depending on the celebrity of choice.  Obviously, the more popular the celebrity the more work is involved. 

When you're thinking about your budget don't forget to keep celebrity gifting as an essential marketing tool for 2011!!!