Thursday, May 15, 2014

American Women Inventorz Award Event Recap

We are so happy to announce that the American Women Inventorz Award Event held VIRTUALLY on April 25th was a HUGE success!!!  We had so much fun hosting the event and watching all of the amazing AWI monthly winners showcase their products to our very prestigious and talented judges!

Without further ado, the official American Women Inventorz Award Winner IS......drum roll.....Rachel D'Ascoli, the inventor of Burpgear and our December monthly AWI winner!  Congratulations Rachel!!!

We are so grateful to our very knowledgeable and experienced judges who asked wonderful questions and gave amazing feedback!  A big thank you to....

Debbie Licolli
Baby Gear Product Buyer, Zulily

Andreea Ayers
Owner, Launch Grow Joy

Arnie Silver
Martin Jay Sales

The judges scored each inventor on a scale of 1 to 10 on various subjects such as packaging, presentation, originality, etc.
We know it was a tough call to pick just one overall winner because all of the ladies did such a wonderful job with their presentations, and all of their products are amazing!   All of the award participants were selected based on the consumer's vote from the monthly campaigns, so they're all winners in our book!!!  

As the winner of the grand affair, Rachel will receive:

A consultation session, Polish Parlor, and a Style & Go Hair Care Valet donated
so graciously by 
Marcy McKenna, the winner of Homemade Millionaire,
QVC Guest Host 
and owner of Simply Solved Innovations.
Visit Marcy's website at:

A 6 month membership to Andreea Ayer's Get Media Happy service
To learn more about this amazing service visit:

An interview on the Innovation Divaz radio show: 

Prizes awarded to all participants:

All of the winners receive a one year subscription to the soon to be launched Inventorz Network where they will be able to showcase their amazing products 24/7 in our exclusive Inventorz Pavilion!

All award participants also receive a wonderful grab bag full of Juice Beauty products. Here's Dhana's fun review of Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair line:

Here are videos of all of the AWI Monthly winners...
most of whom participated in the live event:

January Winner
Christina Daves
CastMedic Designs

February Winner
Susan Meeks

March Winner
Christie Barany and Courtney Turich
Monkey Mat

April Winner
Dina Newman

May Winner
Zoya Hajianpour
Shopping Pal

June Winner
Courtney Maslow

July Winner
Aubrey Avila

 August Winner
Susan Walker

September Winner
Melissa Ortega
Castle & Bay - Sphinx Lounger

October Winner
Kristi Gorinas
Kelsyus Go With Me Chair

November Winner
Cherlyn Jenkins
Cozy Woggle

December Winner
Rachel D'Ascoli

Thank you to everyone who participated in this inspiring award celebrating the women inventors in our network, and for supporting the entire, year long program.  We had a blast hosting the event, and now we're so excited to be able to promote to our entire network!!!!  Please be sure to share this post with your own networks to support these amazing women!  Bravo ladies!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Meet Gabriel Beversluis, Inventor of Bag Savr, and Shelby McKee, Inventor of Keysocks on the next Innovation Divaz Radio Show

Bag Savr - Recycle bin and Trash container designed to perfectly fit and store your favorite store's grocery bags; or use it without bags
Up to 100 billion FREE plastic bags are given out every year in the USA. If you are like most people, you already have bags stuffed in a closet or a drawer in your kitchen. Now you can reuse those bags in every room of your house saving money and helping the environment through re-use.
BagSavr+ patent-pending design is the first ergonomically designed bag storage and re-use system made to perfectly fit your free plastic grocery bags and features a built-in pocket which stores up to 10 bags right where you need them. The locking system with tuck groves keep your bags in place and prevent bag gapping.
The BagSavr+TM can hang anywhere with it's handy Hanger Bracket, or serve stand-alone duty in any corner. The "take anywhere" handle makes it ideal for portable cleanups or use in the cabin, boat or camper. There are 100 Billion reasons to save money and save bags with BagSavr+TM
Meet Gabriel Beversluis

Gabriel Beversluis has been working as a pediatric Orthotist since 2004 where he specializes in custom bracing to help disabled children with standing and walking. In his hometown of Grand Rapids, MI., he has developed a reputation as an innovator of orthotics design and production processes. With a passion for designing creative solutions to common problems, Gabriel took on the challenge of designing a product to make good use of the billions of plastic grocery bags given out every year. His goal was to promote re-use and reduced waste by creating a container that everyone can use anywhere. He recognized that promoting widespread reuse will save consumers money, reduce litter, and reduce the quantities of trash bags that will need to be produced, just to throw them away. Gabriel partnered with Products That Work, LLC and together they launched BagSavr+ nationwide in 2013 with many other innovative products to follow.
To purchase your Bag Savr visit
Keysocks - Knee High No Show Socks
Keysocks - Knee High No Show Socks for Women Say good-bye to unsightly socks and footies that won't stay in place. These sleek no show socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable but won't show when you're wearing heels or flats.
Meet Shelby McKee
In 2009, Keysocks founder Shelby Mckee was getting ready to go to a Cincinnati Bengals football game on a brisk fall Sunday. Wanting to wear flats and with the temperature falling, she realized she needed "no show" socks. Traditional footies always fell off her feet or scrunched up and never provided warmth, so armed with scissors and sheer genius, she cut a hole in her husband's knee-high dress sock and the Keysock was born!

Shelby recruited her two sisters, Stefanie and Christy, and began working to build the first and only no show knee high sock. Keysocks have brought style and comfort to women and girls all over the world desiring to wear flats or heels with pants. Keysocks are the ultimate solutions for keeping your feet comfortable without showing you are wearing socks.
Listen to our interview with Shelby LIVE on Tuesday, May 13 at 11:30 AM CST, or download the recorded podcast at your convenience.
To purchase Keysocks visit
Listen to our interview of Gabriel Beversluis and Shelby McKee on our May 13th, 2014 show, or download the podcast at your convenience on our show page:

Monday, May 12, 2014

Get your summertime product on Fox News Chicago

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Product Review of Juice Beauty, Stem Cellular Repair

Product Review By Dhana Cohen

For over 4 years I have been using Juice Beauty products, their face cleaner, tinted lotions, and now excited to share their new product line, Stem Cellular Repair. I am amazed by the results and once again feel completely safe and ageless with their all natural products! Congrats Juice Beauty for continually surprising me!

To purchase Juice Beauty Products visit:

Monday, May 5, 2014

Innovation Divaz Interview Jennifer Perry, the inventor of Jelt Belt

Owner, Jen Perry has worked closely with engineers to develop a stylish belt that is made of 100% recycled materials and is completely metal free. This lightweight, elastic belt is the perfect belt to wear when you need a subtle belt to pair with jeans, as the uniquely designed buckle is completely invisible under tight tops. The colors and design are a fun spin on the 70’s stretch belt, adding a vintage and retro touch to your wardrobe. The colors were also designed to be worn by both men and women. The comfortable elastic fabric forms to your waist and the signature “Jelt Gel” grips to the back of pants keeping everything secure no matter where you are going! Jen is a busy mom of two, which is a big motivation behind her invention of the Jelt. She is constantly on the move and needed a belt to support that.  The Jelt Belt is also great to wear with your snow pants when you are out hitting the slopes or enjoying the outdoors during the summer! Being from Montana, Jen wanted her belt to be shared among the outdoor enthusiasts as well, which is another inspiration behind the lightweight, easy to put on design. And we can’t forget the fact that the Jelt is perfect for traveling! The metal free design will help you pass through security with ease! Each year, Jelt will feature a new charity and give 10% of total profits to support the efforts of these non-profits. The “Jelt” belt is a functional product that fills a need, but it is also fun, fashionable, and current! 
Meet Jennifer Perry 
Jennifer Perry is from Bozeman, Montana and is a mother of two boys. She is a very active member of the community sponsoring local non-profits and participation in charity work. She is also the manager of The Glacier Ridge Ranch, and guest ranch in Trego, Montana. She is a busy mom who is always on the go and loves to be active and outdoors. She wanted a belt that supported all that she does whether it be skiing or taking care of her family which was her inspiration behind the Jelt. She created the Jelt based on her need for a belt that really worked and she designed the Jelt with the goal of helping others who had the same need that she did. 
To purchase a Jelt Belt for yourself visit