Saturday, July 11, 2009

The AttachaTray

I'm in the midst of making my first cold calls seeing if people are interested in my latest invention called the AttachaTray™. I'll tell you a bit about the AttachaTray:

The patent pending and trademarked AttachaTray™ is a portable, yet stable working platform for use with a multitude of applications. The clamping mechanism can attach to virtually any shape and size of support structure within its opening radius. The detachable arms can reach up to three feet and have adjustment points allowing 360 degrees of angle versatility for the ultimate in ergonomic functionality. The adjustment points are also easily and quickly secured at desired height and angle. Another feature is that each arm unit can be eliminated if a shorter distance is needed. The tray portion of the invention is an improvement to the typical laptop tray. It has a unique nonslip pad with holes that extend through the stamped aluminium tray to help with heat reduction therefore helping with laptop performance. On either side of the tray are openings where a bungee cord system with anchor secure either a laptop or reading material at various adjustment points depending on the size of the item. This is much more useful and less cumbersome than the typical velcroe straps. It is also much less obtrusive to the task at hand. The unit is lightweight and easily portable. There will be a custom carrying case that will hold the AttachaTray™ as well as a laptop or whatever else would be used on the tray.

I have a manufacturer that I'm working with right now to get the product ready for distribution. Now I only need a license!
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