Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finding a Manufacturer

I feel very lucky right now. Through my relationship with my product designer, Pillar Product Design, I was connected to the most amazing manufacturer located in Kent, Washington. Breedt Production Tooling & Design has been wonderful to work with and I feel very safe with my invention in their hands. They basically performed the impossible making my prototype for the Kelly Rippa's TLC show in less than a week. To have a working prototype for such a complex invention is amazing. It wasn't cheap and I did have to pay well for the prototype, but it was a tall order to achieve. Right now I'm working with them to keep tooling costs down and rework the design without compromising the product integrity. I'm so happy to bring my invention to a local manufacturer and help in my small way in building the economy. So many people go to China to keep cost down, but manufacturers are hungry here and will work with you to fit with your budget. They also seem more flexible in regards to quantity. I would recommend inventors interview local manufacturers in their area. You never know what deal you might get.
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