Saturday, July 25, 2009

Inventor Showcase: Umbrella/Slicker

One of the reasons I started this blog was to showcase women and their fabulous inventions. Deborah McCullough from South Carolina contacted me concerning her invention called the Umbrella/Slicker that she is in the process of marketing to the world. Below is a description and photo of her invention. She would greatly appreciate any feedback.
If any of you have an invention you would like me to post on the blog just e-mail with a write up and photo. Thank you and thank you Deborah.

*How many time have you gotten dress to find it's raining and you get your clothes all wet from the rain?
*How many times have you had to leave a outdoors sporting event because it started raining?
*How many times have you been just walking with a regular UMBRELLA and the water was dripping down your back?
FINALLY I have invented a new UMBRELLA/SLICKER which is considered a two in one Umbrella. This umbrella comes in 4 different sizes (small folding, long stick, golf & children) and a variety of colors. This UMBRELLA/SLICKER has many different features that the original umbrella doesn't have. You may be happy to know what makes this "UMBRELLA/SLICKER" so unique ; YOU CAN SIT ON THE SLICKER while watching the game or any outside events; as well as just walking in the rain from the office or any place. YOUR TEAM's logo or any logos can go down the back of the SLICKER and be seen from a distance.

I understand that umbrellas are not allowed in some stadiums, but this umbrella can be used at any time displaying YOUR TEAM OR ANY logo over town. We all keep umbrellas in our cars for that rainy day, and with the UMBRELLA SLICKER you can have TWO-N-ONE.

This UMBRELLA/SLICKER will allow you to stay DRY while enjoying outdoors sporting events as well as just walking in the rain from the office or any place. You may be interested to know that I have filed a United States patent application entitled, "UMBRELLA SLICKER."
My reason for writing is to see if a company would be interested in being an exclusive licensee to manufacture and distribute this new invention. I believe that the UMBRELLA SLICKER product would be perfect and profitable with ANY COMPANY. Your feed back is greatly appreciated.

1) Would you buy this product?
2) what size
3) what color
4) with or without logo
5) how much would you pay for it.

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