Monday, April 14, 2014

Featured Inventor on the Innovation Divaz Show: Natalie Robbins, Inventor of Litter One

Natalie Robbins, the inventor ofLitter One, has always loved all animals. She would always bring animals home without telling her parents. One of the most common animals she would bring home was cats. Since her family always had cats and Natalie was usually the one bringing them home, her chore was cleaning out the litter box. It wasn't long until she formed a hatred for the chore. When she was about 18 she and her mom were walking through a pet store and saw pine pellets now being used as cat litter. Her dad had just started to work with the same pellets! It's like it was meant to be! She started putting the pellets in old cardboard boxes so she could just throw all of it away at once instead of cleaning all components with soap and water. 4 years and many prototypes later Litter One is born!
Litter One is the 100% biodegradable, completely self-contained, disposable litter system for cats. Each kit includes: litter box, pine pellet litter, scoop, and waste bags. The kit is delivered right to your door ready for use. All you need to do is open the box and set it out in the regular placement of the litter box. The pellets turn to sawdust when the cat urinates. The patented false floor allows for the sawdust to fall through and not worry the consumer about tracking and buildup. The pine pellets completely neutralize the cat urine odor and provide a natural pine scent. When 4-6 weeks has passed, all you do is close up the kit, place it in the recycle/trash bin, and open up the new one that has automatically been shipped to your door.
We are so excited to be interviewing Natalie on the April 22nd show.  If you miss the show LIVE, you can download the podcast at your convenience!
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Special Guest on the Innovation Divaz Show - AJ Khubani, Telebrands

"I'm lucky that I found my calling, something that I'm really passionate about. I get excited when I see new products. I get excited when I see something we produce and put on TV and then people respond to it. The key to our success is that everybody in this company gets excited about what we do every single day." ~ TeleBrands CEO & Founder, AJ Khubani
In 1983, fresh out of college (with a whole $20,000 dollars he earned working multiple jobs during school), New Jersey native AJ Khubani was clear that he wanted to take on the Sony corporation. He was hawking a $10 alternative version to the infamous Walkman radio and placed a $7,000 ad in the National Enquirer with hopes of making millions. While breaking even with the ad didn't exactly earn him a house in the Hamptons, it did fuel his curiosity to find more products, in hopes of becoming a massive business success.
After the first few years of slow and steady growth, 1987 would become the year to put TeleBrands on the map. Ambervision Sunglasses were introduced to the world, as the company's first television commercial hit the airwaves. While the spot was a success, the orange lensed glasses launched the company to new heights when in 1989, New York area based Herman's Sporting goods placed the eyewear on their shelves. Sales went thru the roof as TeleBrands not only had their first million dollar hit product, they brought their direct TV marketing success to the retail world.
Fueled by the accomplishments of their on-screen marketing, packaging was needed to house the Ambervision glasses, and a plain white box wasn't going to cut it on retail shelves. After several go rounds with some design ideas, the world renowned As Seen On TV name and logo were born. Yes, it was TeleBrands that was singlehandedly responsible for the branding of today's multi-billion dollar retail category.
Thirty years have passed since that first tabloid ad hit the newsstands and one thing is for certain, AJ Khubani is indeed a massive business success. His company, TeleBrands, is without question the world's leader in television infomercial marketing and their products have sold in the billions of dollars. The likes of famed pitchmen Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan have been an important part of this journey, as are the members of the company's management staff who have stayed along for the ride for these many years.
Over these past three decades, TeleBrands has given the world some of the most exciting As Seen On TV devices and gadgets: OrGreenic Cookware, Stone Wave, Aluma Wallet, Windshield Wonder, Sticky Buddy, the Olde Brooklyn Lantern, Who Knew Books, and the Pocket Hose are just a few of the many hits in the company's prestigious portfolio. One of the most popular all time products, the Ped Egg (for softening hard calloused feet) was created internally, and after some 50 million units sold to date, there's just no stopping what this northern New Jersey company will come up with next.
To further their amazing growth, TeleBrands has a never-ending open call to would-be inventors, or anyone with a great idea that just might change the world. A countless number of products are submitted for review yearly, while hundreds are chosen for infomercial testing. While it is only a small percentage that make the grade as a hit retail product, a number of inventors have struck it big as their product became yet another legendary TeleBrands success story.
As TeleBrands celebrates its prestigious 30th anniversary in business, its products are now available in over 120 countries around the world. The growth potential seems almost limitless as everyday inventors continue to present their product ideas at a rapid pace. It's a good thing that the young AJ Khubani found his calling some three decades ago. As the need to develop products that solve every day common problems continues onward, his passion for this business remains greater than ever. I think we can speak for everyone at TeleBrands by saying, but wait, there's more - there's a whole lot more to come.
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