Friday, April 2, 2010 Version 2.0 is Live!!!!

As you may already know, has relaunched with an entirely new platform and price structure!  The past couple of days have been extremely busy with former and new members loading their products.  It's exciting to visit the site and see all of the fabulous inventions already available for purchase.  

Why Use Womentorz?
Womentorz brings a level of exposure to your invention that is difficult to achieve on your own.  By coming together to form a destination for visitors to see all the latest gadgets and concepts along with product reviews you are creating an environment where there are power in numbers. 

Womentorz members have formed a unique community of women who support and inspire each other every day.  Lets face's nice to not feel alone.  Getting your product out there can be a scary process.  Womentorz provides the support and security for very little investment.

Another perk to the new format is that it opens up a marketing research platform for inventors to test the waters before investing an arm and a leg on an invention that the public may or may not be interested in purchasing.  With the unique discussion board, visitors can comment and rate your invention and give you valuable feedback.

$20 per month for your own store front and custom marketing
$20 to be on the homepage
$10 for an additional product
Banner Advertising: $350 Non Members / $250 for Members

Promotions for Members:
-For every member you bring to Womentorz you get a free month subscription.
-If you bring an advertiser to Womentorz you will receive a 20% commission on an ongoing basis as long as the advertiser is still on the site.

We Provide One on One Marketing
Beyond providing a marketplace, all members receive one on one marketing assistance to promote there product to the max.  For instance, last month Womentorz celebrated Young Goddess Day to help promote the concept of The Goddess Box invented by Marianne Impal of Raecole.  We throw a huge twitter party and had a blast highlighting a very important message!  This month Womentorz will be celebrating Earth Day to help promote green products on the site such as the amazing Esse CarryAll Tote.  The month of May will be celebrating National Mom's Night Out and will highlighting products on the site relevant to this even such as the DivaGirl Board Game.

Womentorz members were given huge exposure when an opportunity to present the products on the site to the Rachael Ray Show production team came to us.  This was a wonderful opportunity brought to everyone because of Ro Wagner's, inventor of Carry-Her, connection with the producer.  Besides providing a sample, this opportunity was automatically available to all members who wanted to be involved, which as you can see in the picture was just about everyone.  The Rachael Ray Show is still watching us and was extremely impressed and overwhelmed with the gift basket sent to them.  Now that the site is back up now is the time to get on so they can see your product!  We will be following up soon.

Mark your calendars for the April 15th Twitter Party being hosted by the amazing Mommy Perks!  For more information visit their blog at

Be sure to follow the site for all of the new inventions being loaded on daily basis.  It's an exciting time for Womentorz and everyone involved!  It's good to be back!!!
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