Sunday, March 28, 2010

LadyUmbrella Designer Ladies T-Shirts

I came across LadyUmbrella on Twitter and really wanted to share their awesome t-shirt designs with all of you.  I'm sure you will all be as impressed as I was.  I asked Robert Ryan, co-owner of LadyUmbrella, to give me some background on the company and how they came up with their unique look.  

Here's more about LadyUmbrella in Rob's own words:

There are two of us involved in LadyUmbrella, myself and the co owner and designer, Elena Montes Casado. We set up the company towards the end of 2008 and spent a lot of time researching, developing and designing our brand and t-shirts. We launched on the 20th of January 2010 and have been shipping our t-shirts worldwide since.

The idea for the company and the brand LadyUmbrella came to be when Elena first arrvied in Dublin, Ireland from Madrid, Spain. She was not accustomed to seeing so many umbrellas on the streets (or the amount of nasty rain we get hehe) and this gave rise to the notion of a lady with an umbrella for a head - LadyUmbrella. All of our designs feature our leading lady in a variety of scenes and scenarios and are discharge printed on our custom made 100% combed cotton t-shirts.

So, as I said, we launched the online shop on the 20th of January and so far have been having a really great time with lots of exciting things happening. We've shipped tshirts to Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, South Korea and America so far and can't wait to find out which will be the next new territory for us. Our t-shirts are also currently being used in the recording of a new British film called Booked Out which is due for release later this year. Our t-shirts have also been sent to SXSW for some of the performers and our fingers are crossed that some one will actually wear one on stage - time will tell. We have also been nominated for an Irish Blog Award and have our t-shirts stocked in a boutique called EMMA Boutique in Dublin. We've also been mentioned in 2 national newspapers which is really staggering as we're not even open 2 months yet but we are delighted with how things are going.

They are offering a 15% discount code, which can be found at

Even though LadyUmbrella is a relatively new company, it's obvious that we will be seeing their designs all over the place very soon.  To learn more about LadyUmbrella and to see more designs please visit their website at
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