Saturday, April 17, 2010

Be a Green Grocery Shopper

Womentorz and Esse Reusable Bags are celebrating Earth Day the entire month of April, and with that we are periodically providing green trips to our fans and follows to help make our planet a healthier and cleaner environment.

Here are some important green shopping tips:

We often have options as the supermarket to buy items that are “conveniently” packaged in individual units to make packing lunches and eating-on-the-go easier. Food such as yogurt, pudding, granola bars, soft drinks, juice, cereal, and snack foods may come in packages of multiple single-serving sizes in addition to larger, “bulk” sizes. Even though the individual sizes do seem more convenient, they also produce more waste with their packaging than the larger sizes. You can buy the larger sizes and then divide up the food at home in reusable containers to avoid the excess garbage.

Instead of allowing the bagger to bag your groceries in disposable plastic or paper bags, bring your own bags made of cloth, mesh, or other recycled material to reduce the garbage produced by grocery bags.

The Esse CarryAll Tote ~ Making a difference just got a little easier... with a complete 7 bag shopping system designed to replace paper, plastic AND flimsy produce bags all in one stylish tote! 
The CarryAll Tote comes in many fashionable style options, so you can be a green fashionista!!!

Bypass the plastic in the produce aisle and wait until you get home where you can store the food in a reusable container.  Esse Reusable Bags also makes a reusable Produce Bag.  The Produce Bag replaces the flimsy plastic bulk produce bags.  They are washable, lightweight nylon mesh bag with drawstring closure.  Click Here To Purchase Produce Bags

Green Tip: You may want a few more…keep some in your CarryAll while others are in the refrigerator or wash. Be sure to check out the 6 Pak!

Many items today are packaged in recycled paper or plastic, which is labeled on the bag or box. Look for items that are labeled as such, and that have a high percentage of recycled content in their packaging. Also look for items that are packaged in recyclable containers – either ones that you can drop off at a designated point, or ones that you can use yourself at home to reduce your own garbage.

Green Fact: over 500 BILLION plastic bags are produced each year~ bags that do not break down. Less than 3% are recycled appropriately. They end up as garbage, in our trees, lakes and oceans harming thousands of birds, animals and marine life daily. They clog our gutters, sewers and streams costing us plenty in taxes with their cleanup.

We know that using reusable bags is just one small step towards taking better care of our earth and Womentorz and Esse Reusable Bags wants to help make it more convenient and just a little easier to do so
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