Monday, April 26, 2010

May 6th is National Mom's Night Out

Mom's are constantly giving and giving to everyone and usually forget to that's important to take care of themselves every once and a while in order to rejuvenate and recuperate.  This is the reason why the National Mom's Night Out was encourage moms to take a night out for themselves.  

The entire month of May is focused on celebrating motherhood with Mom's Night Out on May 6th and Mother's Day on May 9th.  The Womentorz blog will be a providing great ideas on products and activities to make these holidays the most celebratory as possible.

This day and age it makes more sense to throw a Girl's Night
Out at your own home.  You don't have to worry about your girlfriends driving around having had too much to drink and it's much less expensive than hitting the town.  Having said that, having a good old fashioned slumber party would be a great way to celebrate safely.  Here's an example of what elements this party could have:

The plan: Lounge in your PJs, eat comfort food, take in a new or classic chick flick, and gab until dawn. Each guest arrives with (or in) her comfiest jammies and a sleeping bag.
The food: Take-out pizza (and lots of it), popcorn and assorted munchies. For dessert, create a sundae bar, with several flavors of ice cream, sauces, nuts, M&Ms, sprinkles, marshmallow topping, whipped cream, cherries… you get the idea. Surprise the girls later with a chocolate and reaspberry cheesecake.

The drinks: Fun blender drinks. Try frozen pineapple daiquiris, melon margaritas and pina coladas – if you can get your hands on two or three blenders, all the better. Remember to have lots of ice!

Here are some great gifts and products to make the event even more fun:

The DivaGirl Game
DivaGirl brings all the fun of girlfriends into a great Girls Night Out game.  Dress up in your favorite Diva wear and leave your everyday world behind and enter the fun and carefree world of girlfriends and DivaGirl.
Hookupz Charms
Give your girlfriends the gift of their dream man.  Hookupz Charms is the guilt free way to have the perfect guy attached to you at all time.  Trade and collect these hilarious charms and have a fun secret only you and your girlfriends will know about.

The Chair Bib
If you're wanting to protect your valuable chairs, but still want a cover that is fashionable then The Chair Bib is your answer.  The Chair Bib comes in many different fabric options and is water proof.  Just put it in the wash after your party and they're as good as new.  Now you can safely serve red wine without the worry.  T

Lizzie Lou Shoes
Bring the bling, bling to your party and impress your friends.  This is a great gift for your Girl's Night In Spa Party to admire your new pedicures.

The Breast Chek Kit
Make something that's a serious subject matter and not always discussed a fun topic for your party with the lifesaving Breast Chek Kit.   The Breast Chek Kit is a 4 piece self breast examination kit consisting of the "Patented" Breast Chek Shirt a unique reusable knit spandex & nylon shirt with a superb fit for any breast size from an A cup to KK cup and above. A fabric maker, an annual calendar and instruction card are also included. 

Inspirational Cards To Encourage Exercise

Are you and your girlfriends trying to be inspired in becoming more physically active?  Banana Blossom, LLC create greeting cards that inspire, connect, encourage and celebrate everyday athletes. Our cards feature a unique, clean and minimalist design highlighting the inner thoughts of anyone who has a love/hate relationship with fitness and exercise.

Suitable Pajamas

This is the perfect gift for you girlfriends to hand out during a slumber party since it's the gift that will keep giving.  Every mother will thank you for giving her pajamas that she can wear anywhere and still be presentable.  This is a must have for all moms!

Grill Charms

Are you having a ladies BBQ?  Grill CharmsTM offer an entirely new concept in outdoor entertaining.   They are dime-sized solid stainless steel charms that are placed in your food BEFORE grilling. The serrated stems hold them in securely while flipping, moving and grilling food like you normally do. Grill CharmTM  food prior to cooking to distinguish spices and flavors, steak temperatures, or to avoid health or allergy issues.

Pieces of Me
This is a great gift to hand out to your girlfriends because they can all take a piece of the heart shaped puzzle.  Each stainless steel puzzle piece fits together to complete a whole heart, representing the group.  The individual puzzle piece charm is separated and worn on necklaces, keychains, bracelets, etc.

Isn't it time for you to plan your next Mom's Night Out at your house?  Happy partying!

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