Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inventor Showcase: Suitable Pajamas

I have to confess that I can usually be found in the middle of the day still in my pajamas.  With how many hours I work and juggling two kids there usually isn't time to get ready for the day.  When I found out about the Suitable Pajamas invented by Anna Bindley I was so thankful that someone has solved yet another problem many women face.  How great is it to still be in your pajamas, but look like a million bucks!!!!  Lets get to know this fascinating woman:

Q. How did you come up with the idea of your invention?

A.    There have been many occasions in my life where I was in my pajamas and was either embarrassed by somebody seeing me or encountering a situation in which I needed to change clothes.  Previously, I traveled frequently due to work. Getting room service or popping down to the lobby for a cup of coffee involved changing out of comfortable pajamas and back into work clothes. At overnight gatherings whether it be a ski trip or a weekend with my in-laws, I just wanted something that was attractive and flattering but all the while comfortable enough to sleep in. Working in the corporate world for an extending time as a “suit” and always wearing one, I loved how I felt wearing a suit. Wearing a great, flattering suit gave me confidence.  It occurred to me upon answering the door one day after working all day in my pj’s. “Since pajamas had both a top and bottom, shouldn’t they look like a business suit?” I knew I would feel good wearing a pajamas that looked like a suit. Martha Stewart has said that if it something you want and it isn’t out there, you may have a market. So, I created a prototype.

Q.  What unique features does your product inherit?

A. Our patent pending pajamas look like a business suit; slightly fitted jacket with matching pants in a fabric that is flattering and fashionable. This makes the pajamas indistinguishable from clothes you would wear out and about.

Q. What was your experience like in the actual design and manufacturing of your


A. Designing the Suitable Pajama was fun. I have a lot of designs around this concept that I eventually want to introduce. The biggest challenge with the first design was getting the fit right for the flattering look. As tough as it was, it was enjoyable and educational. I hosted a fit party for the fit samples and everyone tried on their size so I could make sure the product was graded correctly. My technical designer was present and we were able to record changes together. Getting the product manufactured required a lot of communication. Specifications have to be written, sewing samples are required and the follow up on the process is also key to a successful production run. Since the manufacturer is here locally, I can easily drive over to oversee production and I can feel good about touting that the goods are USA made at fair wages.

Q. How do you balance launching a new business with family?

A.    The way I try to balance my business launch with my family is working on weekends and late nights. Another way is that a good friend, who is also running a business and raising children, and I schedule play dates where the kids play and we work. That is the best way. Not only do we get a lot of work done, we can help encourage each other and brainstorm for ideas.

Q. What did you do prior to your invention?

A. Prior to starting my business, I worked in the fashion industry. My last job was with a software firm that serviced the fashion industry. I enjoyed learning the business side of the fashion industry.

Q. What fact would readers find interesting about you?

A.    I enjoy taking risks and like to dream big, really big.
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