Friday, January 8, 2010

Inventor Showcase: Fit In Clouds - The foldable ballet flat

I wish I had had Fit In Clouds the day of my wedding!  This is the answer to foot comfort on the go.  Everyone should have a pair of these!  They can easily fit in a small purse and even your coat pocket. 

Here's our interview with Patrizia Damiani, the inventor of the foldable ballet flat:

How did you come up with the concept of Fit In Clouds?   

The idea of Fit in Clouds was born after watching many girls leaving the clubs barefoot weekend after weekend and after having experienced myself that moment of the night were you cant take your heels any longer and end up dancing barefoot!

What was your experience like manufacturing your invention?   

Manufacturing was really interesting. We made the first samples ourselves, then we used the help of a cobbler to produce a more sophisticated prototype, until we reached out to several manufacturing facilities that would produce different style and colors of shoes for us. We then picked the one that most satisfied our vision, had a few modifications done until we reached to the product that we wanted and went ahead with production!

What advice would you give to other women who have a great idea, but don’t know where to start? 

I would say that the most difficult thing to do is to get started, so my recomendation is to beat the fear and just do it. Once you break that barrier you will learn on the way and find ways to progress as well as opportunities that come on your way. 

What features make Fit in Clouds so unique? 

Fit in Clouds has many unique features. It is the foldable shoe available in the market that at its compact size offers the most comfort and protection for your feet. This feature makes this product ideal to walk on basicaly any surface and stay safe. Also, since we love fashion we are constantly launching new colors and styles and the price... is the most affordable foldable shoe available in the market. You will really get value for your money!   

Please explain why your product makes the perfect travel companion. 

How many times have you missed unique moments on a trip because your heels hurt? Well with Fit in Clouds this will no longer be a problem. Take Fit in Clouds with you as your business or leisure trip companion and you will be sure that foot pain or lack of comfort will not get on the way of enjoying every minute of your trip and acting at the fullest of your capacity!

What has been the most challenging part of getting your product to market? 

 Building a brand and making people aware that such a unique product is available in the market has been our greatest challenge. When ladies find out about our product they love it, but much publicity is needed to make them aware!

How has your background helped you with your business?  

This is funny, because you will be surprised to know that I come from a psychology background, then decided to change gears and go to business school, start a business and make my creativity fly as Fit in Clouds grows.
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