Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celebrating the Goddess in All of Us - By Marianne Impal

As President and CEO of RaeCole, home of the Goddess Box™ concept, I am happy to announce a new and exciting venture that is worth sharing…
A good portion of you reading this probably have a similar connection with me where we are all Women Inventors who have created, marketed, nurtured struggled and emotionally attached our embryo babies into real life products equip with a company name; only waiting to see if our outcome grows up to be that strong, independent and prosperous dream we envisioned it to be. 

My such “baby” was developed for my baby girls, but only to be used during what most people consider the most awkward time of their life… puberty.
I’m reaching out to the Moms of girls out there who want to connect with me on a very important topic that may be invading your young girls now or will soon come, by time Middle School starts.  I’m talking about teen pregnancy, lack of self-esteem, Media that is raising our girls to grow up faster than their little immature minds can handle.
Our girls are unconsciously hungry for information on their sexuality, be it their body image or the way society says they should act; and will look towards Media and friends for that information if not discussed in the home first.
Having two daughters, I consider myself a very outspoken, open-minded and open dialect Mom, so to match this contemporary thinking of mine, I developed a Goddess Box™ concept to commemorate my girls’ for when they would get their first period.  My idea was simple back then… “Every girl remembers such a milestone in her life… why not make it a positive experience, since adolescence is already awkward in itself.” 
It never dawned on me that I would use this gift concept for my daughter BEFORE getting her period.  It never dawned on me that I would have a hard time connecting with my daughter as she got older.  It never dawned on me that this concept would evolve into one of the Nations greatest needs.

As a user of the Goddess Box™, I can honestly say I established one of the most powerful connections with my daughter; and it was because of the Goddess Box™ that I was able to put ALL the focus on the beautiful treasure in front of us, while indirectly touching on what would rather be embarrassing topics for her to discuss with me one on one.  Because each product is specifically designed to center on subjects such as healthy body image, self-esteem, self-integrity and first period; conversation was natural and not pushed and most importantly she felt comfortable to talk and listen!

After countless times being asked if I do parties… I can confidently say yes!  Please support my venture as I travel house to house, party to party in the NY, NJ and PA areas, to help educate moms like you who have daughters between the ages of 9-15, who want to know first hand on this simple concept in connecting with our daughters.  Just for booking a party with me, instantly gives you 20% OFF your purchase of a Goddess Box™ and for our Winter Promotion, receive an additional 20% OFF your purchase if booked before March 1st!  The more Moms you invite, increases your chance to receive a Goddess Box™ completely FREE!

In keeping with my connection to Moms of Daughters, Melinda, Jen and I were interested in hearing your feedback on possible weekly or monthly discussions to be posted on the Womentorz Facebook site. 

After all, it’s the nurturing that we need to do when our girls are young to give them the Brainz, Broadz and Big Ideaz they deserve!

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