Friday, February 19, 2010

Women Owned Businesses Becoming a Target

I’ve never considered myself a feminist or a man hater by any means….and I’m still not.  The  reason why I’m sharing this is because of recent trends I’ve been seeing having a business that is clearly run by women and providing a service for women.  I have two other businesses, but one is where I work with predominately females and the other is owned with my husband who is the face of the company.  No one messes with him. 
I’ve noticed since the launch of Womentorz that there have been many situations where men providing a service have tried to charge me more than they would a male owned business because they think they can get away with it.  I know this because when I’ve called them out on price with comparisons.  They have either become defensive or reduced their price and say they are willing to “negotiate”.  Why didn’t they give me the fair price from the start?  It’s the same reason why most women know not to go to a car dealership by themselves.  Just try to visit a car lot by yourself and you will see a flock of salesmen head your way with high pressure tactics.
As women owned businesses it is very important to do our homework and obtain several quotes.  Don’t be afraid to question price and ask for references.  The reason why this trend is taking place is because these men are use to women trusting that what they are saying is fact and they think they can get away with it.  I’m not saying that all men in business are out to take advantage of women.  I’m just saying that women in business need to be diligent and somewhat untrusting until the trust is deserved.  I’m very lucky that the situations where I was taken advantage of didn’t ruin Womentorz because they really could have if I had not questioned their charges and left the relationship feeling cheated and powerless.  My bark is sweet, but when necessary the bite can be vicious.   Lesson learned the hard way!
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