Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Motherhood is the New MBA

Shari Storm and I had been trying to get together for several weeks since we had been told by a good friend that we should get to know each other.  The day had finally come and we each had gone to different restaurants just blocks apart waiting for the other to show up.  Thank goodness for modern technology because she sent me an email and I responded that I was at the Red Twig.  Here response was simply, “Crap, I’ll be there in 2 seconds!”  I knew at that moment that I was really going to like this gal because that was my kind of response.  I was right and we had a delightful get together. 

To my surprise she had given me a copy of her book, Motherhood is the New MBA, towards the end of our meeting.  At the time I didn’t know what a real treat I had been given.  I just finished the book and I can honestly say it is the most entertaining, informative and true to life books I have ever read.  It is packed full of situations at work, in business and even in everyday life where the tools you have learned as a parent can translate in adjusting to countless situations we encounter. 

I found myself laughing, crying and cheering while reading this book.  I’ve read a lot of books relating to business, but have found myself struggling to finish each one.  This is the first time I actually looked forward to the next chapter and was sad when I came to the last page.   I haven’t had that feeling since I read my last Dean Koontz novel.  This book is so good that I’m having my husband read it to enhance his management style at work.  It became clear that many of the stories in the book fathers could relate to as well.

If you’re in the Seattle area, Shari Storm will be having a book signing at the Elliott Bay Book Company on Thursday, February 25th starting at 5:30 PM.  I know I will be there networking with wonderful women.

To read more about Shari Storm and to purchase her book, please visit www.sharistorm.com.   I highly encourage all of you to read this book!  It’s a must read!
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