Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whittle Your Waistline Wednesday ~ Week 7

I am basking in the quiet - not a television or radio on.  I have situated myself upstairs in my bedroom in front of my eastward facing windows to enjoy the sunshine that is beaming in.  I am free to do what I need or want until 3:00 p.m.... After spending the past ten days in close quarters with my daughters, I am in need of a little break.  I am also feeling thankful that I can busy myself with this post while waiting on some very exciting news that we at Womentorz are hoping to share at some point today!

Today I am going to focus on taking good care of myself and treating my body well.  It is so easy to forget when we are in mom mode, taking care of everyone else and just throwing whatever happens to be there into our bodies without a lot of thought.  I am reminding myself today that I DESERVE to eat well and be the best possible version of myself and you should do the same.  Yes, it takes a bit more effort to, first, make a good choice and then follow it through.  What I know is that we're all worth it and will be better to ourselves and our families for it!

With that in mind, here's what I'm eating today...and I'm going to add the same kind of love as when I cook for others!

FIRST THING - You all know the drill by now!  Can you hear my Gram in your ear yet?  "Bubble Nose, get yourself a nice big glass of WATER!"

BREAKFAST - I have discovered a new and wonderful thing, especially for those of us (ahem) in our mid to late 30's/early 40's... Yo Plus Yogurt - go and get yourself some!  Today, in fact, I am actually still working on it, I made a protein shake with it.  So - in the blender:  6 oz. water, 1 container Blackberry Pomogranate Yo Plus yogurt, 1 scoop EAS Vanilla Whey protein powder and a few ice cubes if you like.  Blend and enjoy!

SNACK - In the spirit of cleansing and calming what I believe my girl Bethenny calls my "inner food voice" I am going to sip on some hot lemon water and crunch several baby carrots/cucumber slices.

LUNCH - Splurged yesterday at the store and bought a beautiful box of organic spring mix greens which I will top with a can of Albacore Tuna in water and a sprinkle of toasted pine nuts and a couple of cracks of black pepper.  Again - really trying to feel like the pure young thing I used to be (HA!), so I will be squeezing a lemon juice on my salad today.  A great dressing for this salad is any light balsamic vinagrette.

SNACK - 1/2 scoop EAS Vanilla Protein powder in shaker with  water.  Hot lemon water for sipping.

DINNER - I know I've posted this a lot - but it is just REALLY good for you!  Grilled chicken breast with steamed broccoli sauteed in garlic and a little olive oil....and I may just squeeze some lemon over this too!

LATE NIGHT SNACK - 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese with black pepper

I am trying to avoid salt at all costs today.  I have not been sleeping well and I believe it's due to too much coffee and not enough thought about what I've been eating this week.  I am still maintaining the size that I lost, but I would like to lose another size before bathing suit season is upon us!

Today is a beautiful day and I hope everyone is enjoying it as well!  As Ro Wagner Tweeted earlier today "It feels like a good day for a happy dance." 

Let's all virtual pinky swear to be as good as we can to ourselves today okay?

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