Friday, November 6, 2009

Special Inventor Showcase: Carry-Her

This is a very special showcase because Ro, the inventor of Carry-Her backpack, holds a very special place in our hearts. She has been the most supportive and ambitious inventor and friend from the inception of the Womentorz concept to its birth. Her product showcase is a long time coming.

Carry-Her will be celebrating its one year anniversary from when Ro’s husband first came up with the name in his sleep. He has been a huge support system throughout the process and has been Ro’s rock. He was even helped sew the first Carry-Hers. Now that’s a man! We love Ro, her husband and her invention! We proudly introduce you to Carry-Her:

About Roberta Wagner

An upstate NY resident, Roberta Wagner is President of Carry-Her, Inc. She is a mom of a 9year old daughter, and a wife of ten years. Her daughter is always an inspiration, helping to create Carry-Her was no exception. Daughter Emily, helped Roberta create a comfortable, hands free doll carrier while planning a venture to NYC. After a long day of carrying her doll in the new Carry-Her, they both realized what a great product they had. Friends and family were placing orders, and word of mom started to spread. Roberta cherishes her accomplishments not for herself, but for her daughter. Emily can see that anything is possible if you apply yourself and limit goals to only your greatest dreams!

Carry-Her® Doll Carrier Backpack

Carry-Her is a doll carrier backpack for 16"-18" dolls, such as American Girl Doll. It is lightweight and easy to use. Moms love it just as much as little girls. Moms hands are now free, and so are her little girls. Your daughter will be proud to bring along her doll, as Carry-Her makes it easy. A comfortable design allows the doll to piggy back all day long. Fatigue is not an issue, with the lightweight design and adjustable straps. Your daughter won't even realize she is carrying her doll all by herself!

With this Carry-Her, you get two products. You get the doll carrier backpack to fit your 16"-18" doll. You also get the Carry-Her Mini. The Mini will hold your folded up full size backpack. The mini can be worn by your doll or tossed in mom's purse for easy storage while not in use. Both the Carry-Her backpack and the mini, are made with a plush, black micro suede fabric. It will compliment any outfit on your little girl and her doll. Carry-Her is proudly made in the USA! -Patent Pending-
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