Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inventor Showcase: Hookupz Charms

We are so excited to have ‘Hookupz charms ®’ available on Womentorz. They have such a fun and sassy collectable gift for girlfriends – or for bachelorette party/bridesmaid gifts. Now you can have your dream man without the heartbreak!

We are also proud to announce that they are going to be offering a Vampire and Werewolf charm inspired by the "Twilight" series. Now there's a charm for every fantasy.

Here's our interview with Michele and Leslie, co-creators of Hookupz Charms ®:

1. What are Hookupz charms?

They’re a series of whimsical charms that represent the ‘dream men’ in our lives. With each charm comes a collectible card presenting an artist’s depiction of the fantasy man and a humorous biography. We aren’t ‘too spicy’…just celebrate the fun of romantic fantasies. We encourage finding the joy, humor, friendship, honor and integrity in relationships of women and men in the simplicity of our daily lives. Hookupz charms renews the ‘knight in shining armor’ fantasy we grew up with from childhood to the reality that womanhood presents for us all.

2. How did you come up with the idea?

A glass of wine over dinner helped! When Michele came back from England, she brought me a birthday present - a little knight in shining armor. The card she gave me said, “Finally…the man you’ve been waiting for your whole life”. Anyway, a couple dinner parties later, that idea just kinda took off. We laughed about ‘why settle for just a knight?’ and started a list of all our ‘dream men’. Our imaginations just took off and we came up with all kinds of guys. We kicked the idea around for quite awhile until we heard about “Oprah’s Big Ideas” product search in Los Angeles. Within about three weeks, we had a prototype and were able to fly out for the product search! We pulled so much together so fast!

3. What’s been your biggest challenges? Rewards?

If you’re persistent and just keep digging and researching things will come together. We had to find a graphic artist, a jeweler to carve the wax molds…a company to cast the charms…not to mention money. We knew NOTHING about how to make it happen….but we did it - lots of faith and networking. Doing things we never thought we could started out as our biggest challenges…and have ended up being some of our most rewarding experiences.

4. If you could pick your favorite ‘dream man’ who would he be? What would be your ‘dream date’?

Michele: My dream man has attributes from each of our guys.

Leslie: We haven’t even made my ‘dream man’ yet…he’s on the drawing board. But, I really like how ‘Harly the Biker’ turned out. He’s just so funny and he was carved with a cute little behind. My dream date would be a day in a beach house with my dream guy. A cottage right on the ocean - a stormy day with a fire in the fireplace…curled up together on the couch watching the waves crash… Hmmmmmm - oh, yeah… back to reality!!

5. Do men ‘get’ the concept behind Hookupz charms? What’s their reaction?

Some men get it and laugh…they are SURE they are our dream men… Other guys seem a little bewildered…don’t quite get it. Some guys are anxious to find out when we’re going to make ‘dream women’ for them!!

6. Are there more 'men' waiting in the wings?

Of course! We have at least 10 more all ready to go, including the "Twilight" inspired offerings - a Vampire and a Werewolf to add to our "Fairytale" men series - and there are other 'guys' who are just a smile on our faces right now’.
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