Monday, November 9, 2009

Infamous Women Inventors: Ruth Wakefield

Have you heard of the inspiring Ruth Wakefield? You may not have, but I know that you have eaten her invention. She is the marvelous inventor of the delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie. Yum!

It was an invention born quite by accident. Ruth and her husband ran an inn, called The Toll House. She was making a cookie recipe that usually used unsweetened baker's chocolate. But she was out of that and instead broke up a Nestle chocolate bar to put in the recipe. The recipe, of course, was a resounding success.

Here is where Ruth made a very smart move. Instead of publishing the recipe (she later did publish cookbooks that sold massive copies), she called Nestle and struck a deal. They could print the recipe on their chocolate bars in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate. Smart! With that move, she affected millions of people with a wonderful recipe that we now equate with tradition and warm, fuzzy childhood memories. We also pass it onto our children. She made a huge impact in history and for all women inventors.

Perhaps your invention too was created "by accident" or perhaps because it was something that you needed but there wasn't anything like it on the market. Have you taken that next step to impact the world? Your creation can also make a difference, if you let it. Take the next move and get it out to your audience by listing it on We bet that other people are in need of it too!
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