Thursday, October 15, 2009

Womentorz and King 5 News Seattle!

Thanks to our fabulous and well connected PR genius, Kat Spellman of The Spellman Co., Eric Wilkinson of Seattle's King 5 News will be taping a piece on Womentorz this morning! It's all going down at Zeitgeist Coffee, which is also the location for the launch party in November.

Well, all we can say right now is WOW! The call went out to find a few women inventors in the Pacific Northwest who might be available to be featured in the piece and the response was overwhelming!

Due to the big response we wanted to be sure to tell you about the women who Melinda will be meeting today and also introduce you to the ones we won't be able to include this time. There will be many opportunities in the near future however, and we can't wait to include each of them! For now, here is a rundown on the absolutely incredible products brought to our attention yesterday.

Melinda will meet Lauren Selig, the imaginative mind behind . She's got a wonderful iPhone application for children and many other great products.

Sharon Stuart will be there with her BedVoyage Personal Travel Sheets . Live the green life in style with BedVoyage's earth-friendly pure comfort bamboo fine linen sheet sets.

Stacy from Beauty Alert! cosmetics labels will also be there, and hopefully they will have time to squeeze this one in - it is truly a great way to keep track of how old that mascara or eye-shadow is getting!

Here are links to the other gals who responded. I do hope I have not left anyone out. We were blown away! Again, we can't wait to feature all of them in some way at the next available opportunity.

Sara Hart makes beautiful icon chocolates that are brushed with 24-carat gold that are very inventive. She even had her own molds made so each icon is personal to her. They do mail order.

Lee Rhodes, creator of Glassybaby is a $2 million per year product with 10% going back to charities! She has been featured on King 5 News, is on the O List and will be in the New York Times today!

Dana Frank is lovely and has the most amazing watches that you can just clip onto your bag.

Mary Dolan's Dog Doodads - This a specialized dog harness and its purpose is to stop a dog from pulling while walking on leash

Many thanks again to everyone who responded. We hope that you will see what we are trying to do with Womentorz and want to join us!

Have a great day!
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