Saturday, October 3, 2009

For Your Consideration

I can almost hear you, yes, I am speaking directly to YOU, my fellow inventor, wondering if membership with is the way to go. I am approaching you now from the perspective of someone who has a product which has yet to be manufactured, but who looks forward to proudly listing GrimeOut, a specialized cleaning tool, on one day in the near future.

For those of you who have ready-to-market products, which in many cases you have likely put every last dollar into, there is probably not a lot left over to make that big push into the marketplace. Let’s face it, it costs money to build and maintain a beautiful website – and hey – you may already have a website, fine. How do you drive the most traffic to that site? Will your website garner media attention?

For those of you who are selling on the giant Amazon – terrific! Fantastic! How much of the percentage of your profits are you seeing? My oldest and dearest girlfriend sells a children’s book on Amazon. She doesn’t pay for membership – that is done through her publisher. Okay, great. The cost of the book: $13.00. Lori’s profit on each book sold: .63 cents. WHAT! Holy hellfire! The good news is she does readings at local schools in her area and is able to sell them that way. I will use my Auntie Buttercup (aka Cynthia Wall) as another example (yeah, that’s what I call her – I’m Poopsie – it’s a Ya Ya thing). She has written five books which are published through the American Radio League (ARL) and also sells her books on Amazon. She also does not pay a membership fee and receives a much better percentage of her profits than Lori. She does not have a website.

When you are selling on a site like Amazon, your product is thrown in amidst a sea thousands of other products just trying to get noticed. The folks at Amazon are not personally marketing you or shouting the wonderfulness of the new “Super Duper 2000” you have spent your life savings to create. They will not be showcasing you on their blog, sending shout-outs on Twitter, bragging about you on Facebook, or trying to get your product featured as the “must-have” gadget or baby item in a major magazine!

Membership with makes sense because we want you to get the most profit possible for all of the blood, sweat and tears – let’s not forget dollars – you have poured into your invention. We are inventors ourselves and we get it.

Womentorz wants to work for you as well as with you. We want to proactively promote you and be a part of making your idea the next big thing! In the great, slightly changed words of Jerry Maguire “Help us help you!”

Thank you for your consideration~
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