Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inventor Showcase: ID LINK

I'm so excited about showcasing this invention for two reasons - first being that Wendy Siim auditioned for Kelly Ripa's TLC Women Inventor show, and secondly her product could literally save lives!!! She is completely what Womentorz is all about. Here's more information about her invention:

ID LINK, temporary/emergency wristbands and collars are waterproof identification bands that are designed to be easily customized to communicate critical information for pets and family members at a moment’s notice. A must have in the event of an emergency evacuation or even family outings and travel.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention in the case of ID LINK, founded by Florida sisters, Wendy Siim and Heidi Weber who discovered that pet microchips and metal identification tags were useless if separated while away from home, or contact information outdated.

Apprehensively agreeing to pet sit her sister’s beloved dog Siren, Wendy inevitably found herself in a worst case scenario when Siren escaped in search of her missing family. Siren did have a microchip and had her metal ID tag on her collar, BUT the contact information connected to both of these was to a phone number that would go unanswered for the coming few weeks until Heidi and her family returned home. Fortunately, with the help of an entourage of friends and a cacophony of shaken dog treats Siren was located.

This life altering near disaster started the brainstorming process and the concept that arose was a waterproof collar which locks into place after CURRENT contact information is written on the band itself with an indelible marker. After witnessing the news accounts of family members separated while evacuating and the mayhem in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, the concept was expanded to include family members themselves in the form of a wristband.

The final product, brightly colored waterproof bands, adjustable to fit any size until locked into place as pet collars or wristbands. The bands are sold in packets with an indelible nontoxic marking pen to easily and permanently inscribe contact information immediately prior to travel or evacuation.

Portable and convenient, not only are they vital in emergencies, but can also be used for:
Family travel and outings
School field trips
During patient transportation/relocation
Young children starting school or riding the bus
Pets boarded or left with a groomer etc.

Communicate exactly what you want:
Contact number(s) -- Outdated contact numbers for lost pets are almost an epidemic Teacher, bus and school information
Allergies and special needs (no peanuts, cannot swim, etc.)
Health issues (hearing impaired, Insulin dependent, etc.)
Precautions (muzzle to clip nails, afraid of thunder, etc.)

ID Link collars and wristbands are Latex free, made of brightly colored waterproof vinyl that lock into place. The included permanent marking pen has been specifically chosen for its durability and is AP certified non-toxic.
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