Monday, October 12, 2009

Inventor Showcase: Red Goddess Celebration Box™

Today has been the most exciting and fulfilling day thus far in the Womentorz evolution with I'm sure many more to follow. I feel truly blessed to have met Marianne Impal who also auditioned at the New York casting call. I would love it if she commented to this posting to tell us all about her experience with that adventure since most of us can relate.

Also, she is currently looking for a manufacturer that specializes in sewing/fabric. If you have any recommendations please leave a comment.

Here is her description of the Red Goddess Celebration Box™:

As a wife and mother of two young girls, I was instantly inspired after reading best selling novel “The Red Tent”, to recreate what seems to be a lacking piece of history where girls actually looked forward to becoming women.

Taking a close look at how Media can effect girls today, putting much emphasis and expectation on the way girls should look and act on the outside has left tweens and teens lacking in self-esteem on the inside and not looking forward to what can be a very empowering and rewarding time in their next phase of womanhood.

Even though my girls were only ages 3 and 5 at the time, I was already thinking of ways to help them accept their future changing bodies. Every adult woman can relate and remember to such a time in our lives during adolescence where the many changes in our physical body, mental, hormonal and psychological changes, has left us feeling awkward and abnormal. It was obvious to me to make such changes for my girls as positive and accepting as possible, so I bought a fabricated box and began filling that box over the years with special treasures, books, bath and body products… anything I could think of that women used to nurture themselves or age old advice that I wanted to pass down to them. My vision is that this treasure would be put aside as sort of a Modern Day Hope Chest and when the timing was right… be it their first period or a time when conversation lacked between us or seeing a sprouting body that needed to be supported with a healthy outlook… I would take this box down as if it were a handed down treasure from one Woman to another. It would be our conversation starter, her keepsake box to keep in her private space or even her gift to pass down to her daughter.

After many years of spreading this concept around to friends, it became clear that many Mother’s, Grandmother’s, Godmother’s and Aunt’s truly wanted to do something special for the young girls in their life with all good intention, but with busy lives getting hold of many of us and reality setting in… many just wished the perfect product was already out there to pick up and having, ready and waiting for the right moment.

It is with great pleasure to introduce the Red Goddess Celebration Box™. A unique and empowering product that is not just a present, but a special gift with a positive message behind it. Visit for more information.
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