Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inventor Showcase - Heelskinz

I had the pleasure of meeting Terri Andrews last week over the Internet and I was very impressed with her ambitiousness and creativity. She has invested a lot of time and money in her invention called Heelskinz. She is an inventor at heart and will be coming out with a new invention shortly which I'm sure I will be showcasing as well. Please visit her website at
Here is her bio and production information:

Terri Andrews
I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and moved to Dallas, TX where I have resided since 1985. I have one grown son who is Ex-Navy and living in Atlanta, GA . I have spent most of my professional career as assistant to Top Level Executives. My entrepreneurial spirit, creative mind, and love for shoes is how HEELSKINZ was born. When not working, I enjoy many activities including fulfilling my "Bucket List" which includes traveling to many places in the world. I enjoy events with my wine group, my girlfriends, traveling and meeting new people through networking. I am most comfortable on the beach of a tropical island, with a Margarita, people watching, and marveling at God's handiwork.

HEELSKINZ™ was born out of necessity. After throwing away countless pairs of High Heel shoes because the right driving shoe was forever being damaged or destroyed, Terri Andrews began thinking of a way to solve that problem. The project began in early 2007 and after over a year of design trial and error, the perfect combination of usefulness along with style was created.

Unique Qualities:
Oh No! Not ANOTHER scuffed heel from my valuable shoe collection!!” Shoe Industry is a billion dollar business. Women spend thousands of dollars on shoes! PROTECT THEM NOW WITH HEELSKINZ™ HEELSKINZ™ is the fashionable way to protect the heel on your favorite pumps! HEELSKINZ™ easily slips on and off to guard against a torn and scuffed heel when driving your car. Use the handy, elegant pouch to keep a HEELSKINZ™ in your purse or glove box and prevent another scuff mark! You might even want to keep it on for that Unique and Sophisticated look (you Diva Fashionista you)! HEELSKINZ™ comes from the mind and imagination of Terri Andrews. There is nothing like HEELSKINZ™ on the market today. The need to protect her beautiful Stilettos and Boots along with a sense of fashion created HEELSKINZ™

Would like you to know:
This product is not only fashionable, but it is very cost effective. The money and frustration saved at not having to replace a pair of shoes because of damage from driving your car pays for the cost of the product 100 times over. HEELSKINZ™ comes in many colors to coordinate with just about any outfit. You can wear HEELSKINZ™ for driving or keep it on as a fashion accessory.

Who can benefit most:
Heelskinz can benefit any woman who is tired of having to throw away and replace their favorite pair of high heels because the heel on the right shoe is scuffed or damaged due to friction of the floor board in your car that wears the back down.
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