Saturday, August 8, 2009

Attending Milojo's Women Inventor Casting Call

Things are still progressing well with womentorz and I feel extremely confident with the direction and structure of the site. I can't wait to showcase the more finalized design of the homepage to everyone next week. I have decided to be very competitive with Amazon instead of partnering with them. Women inventors will be making a much better investment selling their product on womentorz. As you've seen through networking and blogging, when women come together and support each other we are a force to be reckoned with.

Earlier this week I had the great privilege of chatting with Lori Casciani and Jen Cannon, fellow women inventors I met at the Milojo/TLC casting call in Chicago and contributors to the blog. The feeling of being mislead is shared by us all; I don't think that Milojo and the people running the casting call realize how much time and INVESTMENT we all made just to get there. We're not just showing up and singing a song.....singing doesn't require a patent attorney or a working prototype. Not to mention the blood, sweat and tears we have all experienced going through the invention process. I'm probably over dramatizing the latter part a bit, but I wouldn't be a woman without a little drama. There's much more time involved and emotionally and financially invested than most non-inventors can understand. I think most of us can handle being told that we're just not a good fit for the show. There were so many talented women who applied for the show and there was literally a 1% chance of being chosen. A simple thank you and acknowledgement of appreciation would have been nice. The individuals who were chosen to move on were probably treated better, but the many who aren't moving on deserve a letter or update on where things are at. I guess this is show business and I should not be so naive and sensitive right?

Just the fact that we had the courage and ambition to audition for the show is testament to our character and drive. I truly feel that I went to the casting call to see the need for a way that women can get their inventions directly to the consumer and make the most profit possible. We all deserve to be successful and my ultimate objective is to get us there.
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