Saturday, August 22, 2009

Juggling Being a Mom and Inventor

As the summer season comes to a close I find myself dreaming about how easy things will be once school begins. Even though the mornings are hectic getting everything and everyone together for school, the calm after the storm is quite productive and relaxing. I can't even imagine how much more I will be able to accomplish once both kids are in school.

I love time with my children and feel guilty for enjoying the peace and quiet when they are away, but promoting my invention and other businesses is challenging with screaming voices in the background and the never ending requests. My house has three floors with the bottom floor being an amazing office with enough space for three work stations and it's own entrance....the whole nine yards, but I can usually be found upstairs on the couch in the family room with my laptop, cup of coffee amongst my very energetic children and Wonderpets on the TV.

I have a wonderful nanny/babysitting service that I can call if I have a tight deadline on a project, but they are expensive and times are tough. With my husband's full-time job a bit unstable due to the economy, I feel even more pressure to save money while still getting my other business endeavors launched and stable. My number one goal is for us to be completely financially independent so we're in control of our schedules and our future.

It's also tough for me to have someone else taking care of my children. There's a reason I had kids and I love being a mom. I'm just thankful I can work from home and be a presence even if I'm not giving as much attention as I would like. It also feels good to be contributing to our financial future and have control over our destiny. Though it's a scary prospect, it's exciting at the same time.
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