Monday, August 24, 2009

Being on Shark Tank

When I decided to go to the casting call for Kelly Ripa's Women Inventors show in Chicago I was probably the most nervous and excited I've ever been about anything in my entire life. I didn't have very much time to prepare for the event as there was only a week to plan everything from the time I found out about the search to the actual casting call. I think in a way the fact that I didn't have a lot of time to worry and think about the event was a blessing.

On the actual day of the casting call everything seemed surreal. I was just going through the motions to get to the location and set everything up. I didn't eat breakfast because I was afraid it might come back up during the off chance I might meet Kelly. The first person I met that morning was Jen Cannon who as a breath of fresh air. She was so positive and enthusiastic and that definitely helped ease my nervous energy.

Throught the audition process I was amazed at how many of the women came together to support each other. Sure there were the many that were competitive and didn't want a thing to do with the women next to them, but there were still quite a few that were cheerleaders for their fellow inventors. If it wasn't for those women I really don't think I would have made it through the process without having to quickly find a change of clothes at the end.

Because of my experience of really needing and relying on these women to get me through my audtion process I am absolutely in awe of the entrepreneurs that get on Shark Tank and present their idea. The process would be so different, and that group of cheerleaders wouldn't be standing with you prior to your big moment. I am so thankful for having met the women that I did and for still having them in my life so we can still be each others support system.

I was contacted by a very talented inventor who was actually looking for my invention because they had read about it on the internet and she thought I should apply to be on the show. After watching another episode of Shark Tank last night I couldn't even imagine getting enough courage to get up infront of the panel and demonstrate my idea. I really have to give the presenters lucky enough to be on Shark Tank props for having such courage even if their product doesn't find funding. I would love to hear about your experience applying or even presenting on Shark Tank. Maybe you know someone who has been on the show.
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