Monday, July 26, 2010

Safety Information for using a baby bath aid

Washing your baby is an everyday activity that many parents enjoy. In order to have a safe bath, many parents choose to use bathing aids. A bath aid is intended to provide support for the baby while leaving the parent hands free to wash the child. A bath aid normally includes bathers, bath seats or bath rings (molded plastic or fabric). Each bathing support fits to developmental age of your baby.

From May 2005 all bath aids are required to be labeled with warning that children have drowned using bath aids and that bath aids are NOT a safety device. The label must be visible at all times when the baby is in the bath aid.

Here are critical features and guidelines all labels should entail:
  • Never leave a baby in care of children. A child could slip or climb out of the bath aid and drown.
  • ALWAYS look for the following features: 
  • A warning label should state the bath aid is not a safety device.
  • Check that the product has the manufacturer’s name and instructions.  
  • NEVER Leave a child in the bath in a bath aid while you answer the door or telephone.

    USING the product:

    • Always keep the baby within arm’s reach
    • Have the child’s clothes ready before you place the baby in the bath aid
    • Keep water to a minimum level
    • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions
    • Most important: enjoy bath time with your baby. It’s an opportunity to leave all house chores aside and focus in spending quality time with your kids.

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