Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prissy Designs All-In-One Diaper Clutch is featured on Bethenny Getting Married?!!!!

Here is proof of the power celebrity gifting can have in the promotion of your product!!!  Laura Page, the creator of Prissy Designs All-In-One Diaper Clutch, is a fan of Bethenny Frankel's show "Bethenny Getting Married?" and was following the birth of her first daughter.  She sentBethenny her fabulous All-In-One Diaper Clutch as a congratulatory gift.  By gifting a product there's always the hope that you get the kind of promotion that Laura just received.   
To her amazement and surprise, her product was featured on one of the recent episodes in plain site for the viewers to see.  Many times this is how the celebrity will thank hard working entrepreneurs because they know it will greatly benefit their business.  Celebrities get so many products and gifts, but the classy ones such as Bethenny are very appreciative and grateful for everything they are given. 

Congratulations to Bethenny on having a happy and healthy baby and congratulations to Laura for sending a celebrity who you truly respect your fabulous product and getting the publicity you so dearly deserve!!!
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