Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prissy Designs Launches The Blankie Bundle!!!

Prissy Designs is proud to announce their latest product:  The Blankie Bundle.  This product was created by Owner Laura Page mother of three as a solution to a problem – blankie dragging.  After dealing with dirty blankets being dragged on the ground and having to carry all her childrens items out of the house every morning and every evening the Blankie Bundle was born.  The Blankie Bundle carries a rolled up blanket, small stuffed animal, pacifier and sippy cup.  Everything is contained by the Blankie Bundle and makes it easy for any child to carry all their essentials. Made from soft materials and no small parts the Blankie Bundle folds up for easy storage and is completely machine washable.  The Blankie Bundle can be purchased at .
The Blankie Bundle Details:
• Blankie Bundle is made out of Cotton/Fleece and Measures 23 X 4 1/2 inches
• 5 inch adjustable velcro closure
• Strap Handle and Cotton/Velcro Strap for Small stuffed animal
• Small velcro pocket for pacifier etc.
• Elastic strap for sippy cup
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