Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Womentorz is helping businesses across the nation grow their Facebook Fan Page

I spent weeks racking my brain on how I could market Womentorz on Facebook while helping other businesses in the process.  Finally, it occurred to me that sharing and suggesting a Fan Page is such an easy thing to do and most people are willing to do it since it only takes a matter of seconds.  If only a few people suggested a page to their friends asking them to share that same page to their friends that it would be like a Domino effect.  I would make sure to only promote a page a week so it wouldn't be an annoyance suggesting and sharing a new page on a daily basis.  This would also allow 5 days for the "Likes" to come rolling in with the final numbers being posted on Friday.

In my head this scenario would work, but I had never seen it done.  I'm sure I'm not the first to think of and implement this idea since I'm nothing special.  Still, I shared my plan and the requests starting piling up.  Before I knew it I had over 22 weeks booked up and a lot of excitement and buzz over the "experiment".  

The first Monday finally comes where I can start the my first Womentorz Fan Page of the Week for Rooibee Red Tea.  Their beginning "Likes" were at 451.   After just 48 hours they have increased their "Likes" to over 528.  If you know Facebook and how fast your "Likes" increase you know that this is a much faster fan surge than even advertising on Facebook to millions can bring you.  The best part is it's free!!!!  The only request is that the owner of the Fan Page "Like" Womentorz and post a reply under "Notes" with the name and link of their business fan page.  Click here to go to the Womentorz FB Fan Page.
This service is for ALL businesses on Facebook!!!  Happy Social Networking!
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