Friday, June 18, 2010

Questions to Ask Web Developers and Designers Before Hiring Them

I've learned so much over the past year about working with web developers and have shared my experiences with fans of Womentorz.  One of the Facebook postings on this subject became such a hot button that I decided to post the suggested questions developers were leaving on the Fan Page.  I wish I had these questions in the beginning of the development process.  It would have saved me a lot of heartache and money!!!  I know have an amazing developer who has completely revamped the Womentorz site, but it was a long road to get to them.  If you are a developer or have experience working with developers please feel free to post comments with additional questions.  

Questions below provided by Revvell P. Revati

Question 1 - Do you do the work or do you send it overseas?

Question 2 - Give me names of at least three people you've worked with and their websites as referrals.

Question 3- Will you be teaching me how to use the back office so I or my assistant can update?

Questions Below Provided By Richard Weiss

Question 1 - Are you the designer and developer of my site? Do you do it all, or will there be others involved? Is your expertise in design or do you consider yourself a developer first and a designer second?

Question 2- Have you built sites similar to what I am looking for?

Question 3 - Who will own the designs after you are paid? (Without a contract, the designer legally owns the design. You must have a contract that gives the design over to the "buyer" once the site is completed.)

Question 4 - Will I have full access to everything related to my site build? For example, will I have ftp access, can I go into the server control panel and work with the database (if any) or setup my own email accounts?

Question 5 - How familiar are you with SEO? Do you know how to build a site that focuses on SEO, or do you build the site and let SEO specialists do that part? Will I be getting a lot for my money if building with you - BOTH the site and the SEO as a combo pack?

Question 6 - How locked in is the price you quoted me? What factors will cause the price to increase? Are there any factors that could decrease the cost? After the site is built, and online, do you charge for any "fixes" that I see now but missed before? What do you charge for further additions and/or edits?

Question 7 - Am I getting any type of Content Management with my site so that I can make my own edits or changes (even add new material) without having to pay you?

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