Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby Bath Ring – Bathe More Than One and Keep it Fun!

Every parent knows the satisfaction of getting two kids clean at once. It leaves more time for bedtime stories and snuggling! But bathing two can be tricky, especially if one is a baby. Your little one tries to wriggle out of his bath seat while you struggle to give your older child a bath. Enter the Papillon baby bath ring, the soft bath ring with the unique design that lets infants move safely and freely while you bathe another child!

Traditional baby bath rings can be no fun for baby, especially as he begins to sit up and move more independently. Not only is a hard plastic bath seat uncomfortable against his body, it restricts him from reaching for toys, splashing bubbles and exploring the watery spaces around him.

Shouldn’t the bath be a place for baby to stretch his little arms and legs, develop muscles and become more coordinated? He should be splashing and playing in the bubbles, not sitting or writhing in a restrictive bath seat!

Of course, safety comes first during bath time. That’s why you strap baby into a bath ring or bath seat in the first place. But once baby starts moving and exploring, a traditional bath seat doesn’t quite do the trick. Lots of parents can recall a time when baby boldly tried to stand up from his bath seat, only to tumble into mom or dad’s slippery, soapy hands. Imagine how stressful that experience would be if you were bathing another child while your little one was busy trying to escape from his bath ring!

The Papillon is a terrific product that keeps baby safe and stable, but also lets him explore and have fun. Make bath time more fun for baby and relaxing for you with the Papillon. Simply tie the soft, floating bath ring around baby’s waist and let him splash and play while you bathe your older child. Get two kids clean at once and enjoy all the soft snuggling to follow!  For more information click here.
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