Saturday, December 26, 2009


I know many of you already know the story of how Womentorz came to be, but I thought I would share a recent article submission for a blog:

One day while exercising on my recumbent bicycle I decided that I could be more efficient if I could check out my email, and work on projects for my business on my laptop while getting some exercise. So, the first chance I got, I went to the web, but to my annoyance I was unable to locate any devices that would allow me to multitask in such a way. I was disappointed because I ran two businesses highly reliant on the web, and have two young children requiring me to be efficient with my time. One night as I was trying unsuccessfully to sleep I had an idea about a way I could attach a tray to the recumbent bicycle. The very next day I put my idea on paper, but had no idea what to do next. I visited a local bookstore and bought several books which were helpful. Soon I was talking with a patent attorney, a product development firm, and then a manufacturer. The costs were substantial, but with sacrifice could be handled.  What was truly daunting, however, was the cost of marketing, promotion and bringing the product to a retail outlet. After everybody took their share there would be little left.

In July of 2009 while watching the Kelly and Regis show I was made aware of a unique opportunity. Kelly Ripa was producing a new show on TLC and would be holding a casting call in Chicago in two weeks. I soon found myself with a prototype of my invention and a small recumbent bicycle on a plane heading for Chicago. When I arrived to the casting call with nervous energy I saw that there were thousands of women with the same ambitious goal of getting their product to market. To make a long story short; I wasn’t picked, but I met so many amazing women inventors who expressed the same frustrations as I had. The cost of bringing their invention to market was prohibitive.

At this point I decided to abandon my project until I could find an inexpensive way to have my invention manufactured. At this point I had already made a substantial investment, but didn’t want to proceed to actual production until I could figure out the marketing issue. I started thinking of the huge number of women inventors whose product was ready for sale, but had no venue.  This is when the idea of Womentorz came to be; a place where women inventors could come together as a group for advertising, promotion and marketing of their inventions.  This in turn would create a marketplace and shopping destination for consumers to find unique gifts and gadgets. 

While I was in Chicago, I met a very capable and enthusiastic woman, Jennifer Cannon.  Due to the chaos of the casting call process we were able to talk briefly and exchange contact information.  After I conceived of Womentorz she was among the first to be called.  Jen was immediately on board, and this is the point at which Womentorz was born. 

During our growth as a company I am continually amazed with the remarkable and innovative women we meet every day, and the ideas that they generate.  It pleases me to be able to provide a venue to get their product to market to make possible their success. We’ve had a few challenges to resolve, but with those behind us we are positioned for success in 2010.

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