Saturday, December 19, 2009

Partnering For Success

Womentorz was built on the concept of power by numbers. In any industry and situation it's a proven fact that when you come together as a group with similar goals and vision you are much more likely to achieve success.  This not only holds true with our group of members, but also with the networking groups around us.

We know we have said this over and over, but when this marketplace for inventions made by women was built we saw that by forming this group of products with talented women behind them would gain more exposure to all of the products as a whole.  When one product is reviewed or showcased on the site, it brings shoppers to the marketplace to view all of the inventions where in contrast, if the shopper just went to the inventor's solo site they wouldn't see all of the products to add to their shopping cart.  Branching out and forming more relationships just feeds into the original philosophy that Womentorz represents.

In 2010 Womentorz will be partnering with several other companies lead by successful women entrepreneurs across the nation where our expertise and knowledge will complement one another. We will be forming a national front of support during each of our various projects.  We cannot stress how important and beneficial these relationships will be to the success of Womentorz.  You have just started to see a taste of things to come with our new relationship with Entreprenette and Sarah Shaw, who will bring a wealth of knowledge to our followers who don't know where to start with their invention.  You will quickly see more partnerships formed and announced through our blog, tweets and on Facebook. 

Another exciting announcement is that we are advertising on Mom Invented ( where we will be reaching numerous ladies just like us!  Tamara Monosoff, Founder of Mom Invented, Inc., will be releasing her much anticipated books over the coming months, which will garner Mom Invented a great deal of media exposure.  This in turn will bring exposure to Womentorz and our mission.

Here's to 2010 and all of the adventures it will bring!
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