Monday, December 14, 2009

Creating a Unique Shopping Destination

It feels important at this juncture to make some comparisons, share a bit of insight and generally reiterate the mission.

With holiday shopping in full swing it is clear that most of us, when shopping online, want to do it in one fell swoop if possible. This means most of us are doing our shopping on big sites like Target, Toys R Us, Amazon, etc. We dream of the day that Womentorz is included as a shopping destination with several hundred members and the most innovative and unique offerings.

When we talk about a "mutually supportive environment" that's exactly what we mean. We've said it before and we'll say it again: We believe that getting noticed as a group is more effective than trying to get noticed as individuals. In our opinion people are more likely to return to a marketplace with many choices rather than a site with a sole product.

It is important to remember that your product listing on Womentorz is your "storefront". We have provided the ability for you to link to your Facebook page and upload videos from YouTube - take advantage of that! Make your product shine with quality photos since that is the first thing people see when they come to your page!

Another important thing to remember is that Womentorz "soft-launched" November 1 and launched officially December 1. In that very short amount of time we are now seeing 700 - 1,000 visitors to the site daily. We have over 1,000 fans on Facebook and counting and our blog has become very popular as well.

We cannot always tell you everything that is happening behind the scenes, but want you to know that we will in fact be taping a segment with Karen Rogers of 6ABC Action News (the 4th largest market in the country) once the holiday madness has ended. This type of media opportunity along with the radio interviews and King 5 News piece, pave the way for bigger things. There are people quietly watching from afar - people who could make Womentorz a household name.

The point is that, whether you realize it or not, your products are getting an incredible amount of exposure. When one member is noticed we are all noticed. Several products listed on Womentorz have been chosen for holiday gift guides and one has even received an offer for licensing!

Kat Spellman, who heads our PR team is always looking for ways to get a product featured and has been very successful in doing so. We are continuing to work hard to get our members noticed and need your support in this endeavor as well.

There is a lot of what I like to call "noise" right in front of us, and then there's the BIG PICTURE, looking bright and shiny in the distance...Can you see it?
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