Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look What We Provide For Members

I would like to share with all of our followers and members an example of what we are doing for the inventors on our site. The talented Kat Spellman of The Spellman Company is constantly looking for media opportunities and product reviews. When an opportunity comes up where a member's product fits with what a media source is looking for, we submit their invention for consideration. For example, if an opportunity came up in a travel magazine where they were looking for new products for the modern traveler, we would submit Bed Voyage with a selling pitch. Sometimes the editor would like a sample, but this is an investment in order to receive a great deal of exposure.

Here is an example of a review that was recently posted about Miss Fissy Clothing Stickers, which can be found on Womentorz: Money Savings Moms Club
This is a resource that many mothers rely on and trust. Missy Fissy Clothing Stickers is getting a great deal of exposure as we speak. Please remember that other members will be getting exposure as well when shoppers come to Womentorz looking for this product. It's a win, win for everyone.

We have a lot of fun marketing opportunities coming up in the very near future. Mark your calendars for December 9th where I will be on the Sisters of Sizzle radio show to be interviewed for the latest products for the holidays. Please visit their website for more information about hearing the broadcast.

We have so many supporters of Womentorz who are actively promoting our message. I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people. It warms my heart for the Holiday Season.
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