Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Womentorz Slogan

We’re in the midst of selecting a slogan that represents what Womentorz is all about. Jen and I have come up with some phrases through our brainstorming, so we’re looking for your feedback. Please let us know which one you’re feeling.

If you can come up with a better slogan and we pick it we’ll give you one month of free membership!

1. Where Creativity Meets Know How

2. Let Us Put the Go in Your Show

3. Winners Find A Way

4. Passion Drives Us. Ingenuity Unites Us.

5. brainz. broadz. big ideaz.

6. Making women successful one invention at a time.

7. Cool gadgets made by cool women

8. Women + invention+womentorz=success

9. Women Came, They Invented, They Rocked

10. Women united by invention

11. Female…check….Invention…..check…..Womentorz….check….Success….check
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