Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why You Should Become a Member of Womentorz

Those who are following the progression of know that it will be a membership based service specifically promoting women inventors. The fee structure was developed through extensive research done by Moss Adams, one of the top accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. We feel that the fees are very competitive and fair and should have them posted this week.

In the meantime, we would like to focus on the benefits of being a member of Womentorz…

Women inventors who become members will be able to create an account on Womentorz as well as with Pay Pal and have direct access to their posting, account information and profile. Members will be selling their products directly to consumers using as a portal for direct distribution. Funds will be collected and immediately deposited into their account, so there will be no delay in compensation. There will only be a small percentage taken out of the transaction for processing fees.

Member inventors will be responsible for making sure the customer’s purchase is shipped to them in a timely fashion. Unlike many e-commerce sites, we are allowing our members to drop ship directly from the manufacturer as long as the buyer receives their purchase within the promised time frame. We also ask that all shipping and handling fees as well as sales tax be included in the overall cost of the product being sold at the time of checkout.

In case you are wondering, yes, you could post your invention on Amazon but you would make less of a profit on each sale. In addition, Amazon will not be specifically marketing you or your product. Your product will blend in with thousands of other items and the consumer will not have any idea that your invention is better than the next product in the same category. To top it off, your invention may not even come up during searches.

Womentorz will be an essential marketing tool that your invention has not had up to this point. We are investing and will continue to invest tens of thousands of dollars on an ongoing basis towards getting our site in front of the consumer. Not only do we have the best marketing and public relations people working for us, we are gaining a huge following across the nation and even on a global scale through word of mouth, our blog, Twitter and Facebook.

Consumers will be shopping on Womentorz to specifically purchase inventions made by women and most likely for women. It will be a destination for consumers to find unique gifts and inventions that solve their daily problems. Instead of a competitive atmosphere, you will be among a group of fabulous women with amazing ideas. Most likely, the inventor next to you will have an invention completely different from your own.

The month of October will be filled with launching parties, photo shoots, press releases, as well as magazine and talk show interviews. We are constantly tweeting and connecting with an unheard of fan base in a very short period of time. You can help our efforts by tweeting and posting on Fracebook as well.

This week will be dedicated to informing potential Womentorz members what will be bringing to the table. We hope you’re hungry!
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