Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inventor Showcase: Mommy Mitten

We’re very proud to be showcasing the talented and creative Amy Sapirstein and her amazing invention called Mommy Mitten. Jen and I have been in contact with Amy for some time now and just love her product. To top it off, she’s a great gal!!! You can purchase the Mommy Mitten at as well as on the upcoming Womentorz website.

Here’s a description of her invention as well as her bio:

Mommy Mitten is the MUST-HAVE cold weather accessory for baby strollers!
Mommy Mitten is a hand warmer that easily secures around the handle bar of your baby stroller to keep your hands protected from the elements without having to deal with clumsy, easy to lose gloves or mittens.

Mommy Mitten is water resistant, insulated and lined with fleece for a cozy experience. It offers an external zipper pocket for easy access to things like your keys, cell phone or your baby's pacifier. You can even choose from 2 color combinations: Black with a pink fleece lining or black with an aqua fleece lining.

Moms, dads, grandparents, and nannies: you now have one less thing to keep track of on those busy bad-weather days. All you need this winter is one accessory: Mommy Mitten!

About Amy Sapirstein:

My name is Amy Sapirstein, founder of Active Urban Mom, LLC, and creator of Mommy Mitten. I am 34, living in New York City with my loving husband and our 2 year old daughter. Until her arrival, like most women, I had been focusing on my corporate career. These days I am getting used to, and loving, my new roles as mommy and entrepreneur.

The concept for Mommy Mitten came about in October 2007 when I was pushing our new baby in her stroller around our neighborhood. It was just getting chilly, and I had not yet pulled my gloves and mittens from the back of my closet. That is when the idea struck.

I set up my company, Active Urban Mom, LLC, and two full years later, am happy to introduce Mommy Mitten to the world.

I am proud that Mommy Mitten is at the forefront of my venture, and thank you very much for your support.
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