Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pinning Party Planning Post

This post is meant to start getting everyone set up for our HUGE Pinning Party that runs on Wednesday, March 28th.  The Pinning Party idea is the brilliant idea of Kara Anderson, the inventor of  The Bag Holder.  She has always believed in the concept of group marketing and the power of unity.  She has found how powerful pinning a picture and/or video can be for free online marketing.  I feel blessed to have her using the Womentorz platform, which is all about group marketing, to launch this idea.

The party will run all day with everyone pinning each others websites using Pinterest.  The only catch is that we all need to be signed up for Pinterest, which is FREE, but requires an INVITATION.  Signing up directly through Pinterest involves a waiting period, which we don't have patience for. :) If you're already signed up for Pinterest then you're set for Wednesday.  If you're NOT signed up with Pinterest, here are the steps to follow prior to Wednesday.

  1. Leave a comment here with your name .  During the party you will provide the website where you would like a photo or video pinned, so wait on that for the Pinning Party.  This is simply for tracking purposes.  You will need to leave a comment here first or we won't know you're friending us to be sent a Pinterest invitation.  This is very important since we won't be able to send invites the day of the party.
  2. Send a friend request to me, Melinda Case Knight, and Kara Anderson via Facebook.  Facebook is the easiest platform to send an invitation.
  3. The third step falls in our laps where we need to send you an invite.
  4. Once you accept the invitation you can register with Pinterest.
  5. Grab the "Pinterest Button" and put it in your browser toolbar and you're ready for the PARTY!
Once we finish these steps you're all set up for future Pinning Parties.  We will use this same blog posting to track everyone signing up.  Please be patient with us during the process.  We may not get to everyone before the first Pinning Party, but we will be throwing these every Wednesday, so just hold tight until the next one. 

This is a full participation party, so if you're not up for pinning everyone who signs up then you shouldn't sign up.  The rule to play is if you sign up you're also going to take the time to pin everyone else.  Kara and I are the only ones who may not be able to pin everyone since we will be running the party. Who's in to play?!?!

Check out Kara's awesome video demonstration of how the Pinning Party will work. 

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