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Jennifer Garner gives birth to baby number three and receives amazing products to celebrate!

As the gifting to celebrate baby number three for Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and family was carefully shipped off via UPS we had a huge surprise....Jennifer had JUST given birth to a healthy baby boy named Samuel Garner Affleck!  We couldn't have asked for better timing!  Jennifer will not only be on cloud nine with her new bundle of joy, but she'll also be receiving amazing products for the entire family!  You can't get better than that!

As a part of this gifting we donated a portion of funds to Save the Children on behalf of Jennifer’s efforts.

Without further ado, here are the celebrity worthy products Jennifer Garner and family will be receiving:
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Fat Cat Phonics
It has been repeatedly proven that young children learn best by touching, feeling and experiencing materials.  Based on this research, the Fat Cat Phonics interactive learning approach uses bright colorful manipulatives, a dry erase marker and hundreds of reusable worksheets to encourage your child’s natural love of learning.

The Fat Cat Phoncis company recognizes that children love to move and they love to learn and they could not think of a better way to blend the two than with colorful chunky manipulatives and hundreds of bright engaging worksheets.

This stay at home mom turned entrepreneur is excited to bring hands-on learning to the children in your home and/or classroom “inside the box.”

Nigel and his wife made the made the switch to organic in 1998. They shopped at Whole Foods, bought only organic and local products, and thought they were taking great care of themselves. But then, in 2010, Nigel’s father died of cancer. He was a lifelong farmer who ate only what he grew. This made Nigel and Ayo think critically about their lifestyle and what they could do to be even healthier. They quickly realized that while everything they were putting in their bodies was safe and natural, the same could not be said for what they were putting on their bodies. They decided that the best way to get the products that they wanted was to make their own.

Welcome to Dolphin Organics™ – a line of personal care products for babies and young children, made only with natural and organic ingredients. Nothing man-made. Nothing artificial – not even the preservatives. Even their label is clear and honest and shows you exactly what they put into the products.

The Clever Loop is a patent pending, simple, light and comfortable breast feeding assistant that provides a safe way for holding mom’s shirt. Mom’s shirt is kept secure and away from baby’s face, allowing full view of baby while breast feeding or when expressing breast milk. It can be placed and removed quietly from the shirt with one hand making  it easier when using a nursing cover.

The Clever Loop was born out of one complaint: “My shirt is driving me crazy! It keeps falling down!”

Leann shares: “Breast feeding is such an important step toward your baby’s health and happiness. It is a time for mom and baby to bond. Having to struggle with your shirt to keep it safely from baby’s face is one less worry a mom should have.  The Clever Loop makes life a little easier.”  

The Dog Dicer
Yellow Brick Enterprises is dedicated to creating and providing you with the most unique child safety related products on the market.  As parents of two young children, they understand first hand the importance of keeping your child as safe as humanly possible.

The Dog Dicer was designed by parents for parents to dice up hot dogs into safe toddler bite-sized pieces.

Using the patented Dog Dicer will not only drastically reduce the risk of choking associated with eating hot dogs,  but it is also a time saver and we as parents know the importance of getting things done quickly!

The Dog Dicer is also great for other kid friendly foods as well such as cooked carrots, bananas, grapes, strawberries, cheese sticks and other soft foods.

Create your very own personal outfit assistant with Girls Looking Cute (GLC). Perfect for your little fashionista, this personal fashion outfit assistant provides kids and tweens an ideal fashion outlet. GLC girl comes complete with slots and custom hangers which can be used with the clothes right out your own closet. Dress her the night before school and voila…No more stress. No more rushing. No more WORRY!

Whether it’s a dress, leggings, scarves, headbands, hats, pants, tanks or a backpack…GLC has the capability to wear it all.

GLC takes all of the stress and worry out of the morning ritual. The completely customizable GLC assistant allow you to choose her hair color, eye color and skin color, making it double as a twin for your child.

mommapia – Bib n Burp
mommapia™ was started by Bianca and Suzanne – two mommas. After each momma gave birth to their third child they realized life was getting more and more messy, less and less functional and definitely less and less fashionable with each added mouth to feed.
The two momma’s came together and started mommapia™ – a company built on making a mother’s job easier and daily life more chic. Each product was thought-out with a momma’s daily needs in mind: easy on-the-go feeding accessories with a relaxed sense of style.
They now sell baby bibs, burpies, and their most innovative product – the patent-pending mommapia Bib n Burp™

Inspired by vintage clothing, gems of all colors, shapes and sizes and the beauty that is naturally held in every unique woman, Allison Leigh Roden and Melissa Gayle Mastrolia, sisters and best friends, decided to embark on what would become an inspiration to their families, wisdom to their children and bonds with their friends that are unparalleled.

Allison and Melissa, both designers and co-creators of the Lexi Lu brand, started their journey in 2002. With a few ideas, some ingenuity and a great deal of hard work, the Lexi Lu brand can be found in Henri Bendel and other fine boutiques around the country.

Their collection and WonderHoops© signature earrings have been graced by American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi and winner Jordin Sparks. In addition, Lexi Lu has been featured in People, Us, USA Today, Style, Lucky and many other international fashion magazines.

Babee Covee 
Babee Covee is a 6-in-1 blanket and cover. This product was/is tested and approved by moms. It’s incredibly versatile you can use it to protect, coddle and sooth your child from infancy to their toddler years, through all seasons.

When used properly, its patent-pending design is guaranteed not to slip off like other blankets or covers. Choose from numerous designs.

Night is an Award Winning counting backwards book written by Melessa Henderson and illustrated by Jana Schweiss. Perfect for bedtime reading, this comforting book engages children with happy-hoppy bunnies and the fun raccoons. Parents will love the soothing poetic verse and that the book teaches children to count backwards.
Jana Niemela is an illustrator and graphic designer. She can create, illustrate and design something fun, whimsical and functional. Jana is available for guest blogging, illustrating or marketing for your company or personal blog/website.

After they bought their iPod touches, these moms could not find a suitable cover or protector to keep the iPods safe while their kiddos played. They wanted something that’s small, light and portable. They wanted a product that could attach to bags without difficulty and would appeal to both toddlers and adolescents while keeping the iPod safe and secure… that’s how the “My Armadillo Pillow” came to be!
My armadillo pillow is a mini pillow with a protective pocket and a velcro closure that will keep your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad secure. The touch-through screen protector allows the kids to explore childfriendly applications, watch their favourite movies or enjoy their toe-tapping tunes.
All of Nicole’s Baby items are handmade in a smoke free home. Choose between Baby Blankets, Custom Crib Bedding, Burpies & Bibs.

The mother of three, Nicole has always enjoyed sewing and being creative. All of her blankets are made with top quality designer cotton fabric on one side and the softest minky dot fabric on the other.
After her last daughter was born Nicole started making baby blankets for her daughter and for her friend’s children. With such positive feedback, she decided to start making blankets that are hip and cuddly.

Nightmare Nibbler
Susan’s son Sam struggled with nightmares and this prompted her to try and find something… anything, that would help him have a restful sleep through the night. She’ll be the first to admit – she wanted a solution as much for his sake as her own – she and her husband needed sleep.
Most parents can relate to this dilemma!
With a need for sleep in mind and in an attempt to come up with a way to help Sam, Susan created a loveable monster whose sole purpose was to protect him through the night by devouring any and all bad dreams that would come its way… this was how the Nightmare Nibbler character came to be.  Nightmares… be gone!
     Shaklee – Green QC Mom
Why waste money on store bought products, heavy with fillers, when you can buy Green and save money at the same time? Buying products that are concentrated not only saves you money, it also helps save our natural resources by eliminating the extra bottles that end up in landfills.

Dawn and her husband work together to build awareness in their community about buying green products, cleaners, vitamins and more.

Slimy Bookworm started with a book-loving mom and her son – who shared her insatiable appetite for books!

Knowing that the effort put into exploring and acquiring wholesome books for her son could come handy for that parent, grandparent or Godparent looking to unleash the imagination of the kids in the lives through books, Bola started

While there are many things you will do with your kids and grandkids throughout your lifetime, the memories of you reading to them as they snuggle close to you would be cherished throughout their lives.

Up to 20 percent of proceeds go to fund literacy efforts among the underserved regions of the United States and Internationally.

Andrea is the stay-at-home Mom of two preschool children and worked in Telecommunications for five years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

When she left the paid workforce she felt discouraged and worried about what she would do when re-entering the job market. After four years of devoting herself to her children, Andrea came to the realization that she had become so much “Andrea the Mom” that she’d had lost touch with who “Andrea the individual” was. In 2004 she completed a certificate in Interior Decorating. While she loves that field it still didn’t provide her with something to do from home, while also being a full time care giver for her children.

Andrea has always loved jewelry. She started to make necklaces as a creative outlet. She first made necklaces for herself, then as gifts for friends. As various styles were worn by friends and family she began receiving very positive feedback. With the support of her friends and family she decided to start making jewelry as an at-home business.

Handbag designer and mom Tangee Pritchett created the Couture Clip™ luxe binkie holder.
The idea to design a binkie holder came while looking at the ribbon someone purchased for her daughter and thinking, “This is really cute but I would have preferred something more fashion forward, modern and luxurious.” Other moms might, also! From there, Couture Clip™ luxe binkie holder was born.

Couture Clip™ luxe binkie holder donates a portion of sales to First Candle, a national nonprofit health organization working to increase stillbirth awareness.

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