Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinterest Tips Courtesy of Kidzies

Last week's Pinning Party was a huge success!!!  The great news is that the party will run every Wednesday providing a unique and powerful tool for businesses to help promote each other online using Pinterest.  The Pinning Party idea was the brainchild of the very talented Kara Anderson, the creator of The Bag Holder.  She has always understood the power of group marketing, which is what Womentorz was built on, so she came to me to host the party for our extensive network.  I have to admit that I didn't know very much about Pinterest, so I'm still learning like many others.  We're all counting on the "Pinterest Experts" to bring tips to the group on how to be even more effective on the platform.

Amanda Seidel, founder of Kidzies, is one of the Pinterest Experts who sent me her tips that all of us can use.  She was so generous in letting me post what she sent me.  Here are her tips:

1.  I follow the people who are influential - WHEN they pin and the CONTENT they pin influences how I try to pin.  E.g. - lots of people are on Pinterest late at night.
2.  If you put a price in your description, e.g. Huggerz $6, it will appear in the link at the top of Pinterest under Gifts - I've done this a few times to gain exposure from people who search for Gifts.

3.  I share my username with my fans of FB periodically and tonight I asked them to share theirs, too (no one has yet).  But the last time I did this, I gained several new followers.
4.  You can use the "@" sign (like on Facebook) to tag someone on Pinterest.  So... when I wrote a blog around V-day with free downloadable coloring pages, I tagged some influential people and commented that "I thought your followers might like the free coloring pages."  Even though no one re-pinned it (to ultimately drive traffic to my website), several of them started following me.  :

5.  Like in point 4 - you could tag people with your product, etc, but that's not my style - I don't want to push my product on people through Pinterest.  And that's my number 1 reason for still using MY name instead of Kidzies.  I don't know if that's a good idea or not - but when I started using pinterest I had no intention on using it for Kidzies.  It was just fun.  I would love other people's opinions about this.

6.  I'll repin from places I really like - e.g. I'll pin a different photo from the same site several times at different times to see when it gets the most repins.

7.  I've seen some traffic to my site from Pinterest before and thought, "Wow!"  So that's when I started to try to use it a little more as a biz tool.  There's something like 4 million people on Pinterest daily, so, hey, what do you have to lose? 

8.  I've also noticed that you have to be careful with what you pin, not only for copyright reasons, but for your reputation.  Whenever people I didn't know started following me, I deleted several pins that could have been seen as "inappropriate".

Thank you Amanda for always supporting the network and sharing your Pinterest wisdom!!!!    

Where to Join the Party!
We now have a Pinning Party Group set up on Facebook.  The Pinning Party will actually run on the Womentorz Facebook Page, but the group page is for posting questions and tips before, during and after the party.  Here's the link to the group page:!/groups/208980202540371/

We look forward to seeing you at this Wednesday's Pinning Party!

Be sure to watch Kara Anderson's video on how the Pinning Party works:

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