Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Support Womentorz Members Getting into Walmart

One of the great things about Womentorz is that the members can band together and support each other either in their efforts in winning awards, or if they have an amazing contest opportunity.  It’s tough for me to share each and every time a members is involved in something, but when there’s a large group involved in an opportunity I can share with the network and have much more of an impact. 

Walmart is running a contest where several products have the chance to be on their store shelves if they receive enough votes.  This is the perfect event for everyone to band together and vote for each product.  When you give back it can come back ten-fold when you have an opportunity you would like everyone’s support with.  This also gives the inventors a real chance to be seen in Walmart.

There are two ways to vote ...via text and FB every day until April 3rd.  Follow the links below to vote for each person!

My Peanut Allergy Video

Ava the Elephant



The Dot Girls First Period Kit


The Dog Dicer


Human Body Detectives Kid's Book Series


Look Who's Signing Part 1 & 2 DVDs


The Bag Holder


Fairytale Wishes




If you're a member and you don't see yourself on this list, please leave a comment below with where people can vote, as well as join our "Womentorz Groupsite".  This was built to send out email announcements to the group for this type of occasion.   I wish there was time to support everyone, but due to the network size there just isn't enough manpower.  The forum is another free service for women inventors to support each other.  Here's the link: http://womentorz.groupsite.com/main/summary

Please share this contest with your friends and networks and ask them to show their support.  Thank you for supporting these amazing women!

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