Monday, August 29, 2011

Mulberry Street Marketing Tip Monday - How can I sell more product with my existing web site?

Here's the question that Jennifer Powell from Fat Cat Phonics left for Ruth Danielson with Mulberry Street Marketing Intel to answer:

" Fat Cat Phonics I am driving a moderate amount of traffic to my site but these visits rarely convert to sales. Any advice on what changes I could make to my home page?"

About Fat Cat Phonics

Fat Cat Phonics is an incredible invention and tool for teaching your child the fundamentals of reading and math.  It has been repeatedly proven that young children learn best by touching, feeling and experiencing materials.  Based on this research, their interactive learning approach uses bright colorful manipulatives, a dry erase marker and hundreds of reusable worksheets to encourage your child's natural love of learning.  To learn more about Fat Cat Phonics visit  It can also be found on the Womentorz forum.

Here's Ruth's invaluable tips to help increase business
utilizing your current website:

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