Monday, August 15, 2011

Mulberry Street Marketing Tip Monday - Volume 2

Every other Monday Ruth Danielson, Owner of Mulberry Street Market Intelligence, which is a full-service, world-class public relations, marketing and market research agency, answers your burning marketing questions left on the Womentorz blog and soon to be left on the Womentorz Facebook page.  Not only will there be invaluable information shared by Ruth every other Monday, but it's also a great time to promote your business.

ere are the questions that were left last week that Ruth answers in the below video:

Kinzie Jones said...

How do I market my book with a grand total remaining budget of 0? I spent all my money and then some more on just getting my book and program developed. Now I am at a place where I am happy with how the book is but letting people know about it is a whole other (and bigger) problem. I am on fb, twitter, linkedin, and I have a blog. I just feel like I am running out of ideas. My book's name is Find Me Book. It is like a Where's WAldo or I SPY but you are searching for your family's faces. Thanks!! My website is  

Kara Anderson said...

 Out of the three main social sites Facebook, YouTube and Twitter what would be the best resource for buidling/researching a new business or product. Sending love from The Bag Holder-Dont be left holding the bag

Tricia Morris said...

How can I make the most of out getting my product into the social media market? What are the best social media sites (other than the obvious twitter,facebook)to work with? I already use facebook and twitter but I'm finding I'm a) running out of ideas and 2) still not capturing a lot of the market. Thank you.

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