Monday, August 22, 2011

Amy's Invent View - EZ Bouquet

-Reviewed by Amy Porterfield -

Is EZBouquet really easy?

It sure is!
I like everyone else, go to someones house and look around and take inventory of how they decorated.  I take mental pictures and think "Can I afford to do that in my house?", "Do I have room for it?"  and most importantly; "Is it easy to do?".  Admit it, you do too. We judge the houses we go into and picture their stuff in our own homes.  One thing I have admired and always noticed is fresh flowers.  A botanist I am not though.  Flowers elude me for some reason because I can never take them out of the plastic wrap they came in and oh so delicately and artistically put them in a vase.

And then... (drum roll)...EZ Bouquet.  You can literally take any vase, bowl and even a veggie platter and turn it in to a living art piece.  And it takes little time and effort.  I put together a vase of heavy flowers in a plastic pot in the amount of time it took let my husband know I was upset I had to buy the flowers for myself... I kid, but seriously, this product works for itself.

All you have to do is get the flowers and put the stems in the holes.  No more holding a bundle of flowers and working in pieces fumbling around so you don't drop the whole thing.  You just put the stems in the holes of this geometrically designed sphere.  I'm serious, it's that easy.  Big pots, little pots, big vases, little vases, candy dishes, candle holders, upside down hats.  You can put this sphere in anything.  The great thing is you can take the sphere apart so it is two sides and put one side on a flat surface creating a pretty centerpiece to a cracker platter.  All you need is some glue dots to hold it in place.  You can also decorate for a wedding by putting the little size in smaller pots to put on wedding tables.  The sphere also allows you to make kissing balls which are also great for weddings.  This product is so versatile...I just had to own one myself.    Versatile, easy, and inexpensive... Isn't that what we are all looking for. 

The product is packaged two ways.  A Hat Box that has a 5.75" a 4" and a 2.2" sphere, or you can also get the 4" on it's own.  Go to or you can also check it out on in the "shop" section under home and garden.

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