Monday, April 2, 2012

Congratulatory Gifting For Jessica Simpson Welcoming Baby into the World

It seems like Jessica Simpson has been pregnant forever!  Most of us knows how that feels, so we thought it would be nice to set up a congratulatory gifting for her and her fiancé Eric Johnson to celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy.  We have had a lot of requests to send products to Jessica, so there's no better time than now. 

We've had a lot of luck with our giftings arriving right when the celebrity gives birth, which is huge for the online marketing of the products involved in the gifting. The word on the street is that she's having a little girl!

This is a group gifting, so it's important that businesses who want to be involved understand  the importance and benefits of being involved in this type of event.

This gifting is now closed.  Check back to see all of the amazing products that Jessica and Eric received.

The cost to be a part of this gifting is only $125.
                    (Instructions will be sent once your spot is booked)

What you get with the group gifting
·        - Celeb Hoopla gains approval from the celeb’s rep for gift shipment
·         -Celeb Hoopla gathers the gifts and creates a presentation basket  that’s celebrity worthy
·         -Celeb Hoopla keeps all gifters informed and updated about the progress of the gifting
·         -Pictures are taken of the gifting and can arrange a professional photographer for individual gifters who want more personalized service
·        - Items are enclosed to encourage celebrity feedback
·         -Celeb Hoopla ships the gift basket and secures a delivery code
·         -Celeb Hoopla updates gifters with the code and expected arrival date of the basket
-The participants support and promote each other using their own networks
·         -Womentorz and Mommy Perks blog about the gifting, linking to each business for SEO
·         -Womentorz and Mommy Perks will Facebook and Tweet the group post numerous times (combined audience of 100,00 + readers/followers with the shares and retweets)
·        - Hashtags will be used for SEO when tweeting
·         -Blog posts will remain inside our blogs long term for SEO and continued traffic to gifters’ websites
·         -Feedback is welcome from the gifters and can be added here for additional SEO and exposure:
·         -We welcome future networking opportunities with our gifters. We’ll gladly follow you on Twitter and Facebook if you let us know that you have followed us or liked our pages.

Additional Celeb Hoopla Marketing Services
We are now providing a menu of services for our private giftings that we can also offer to our group gifting participants.  These are optional and provided on an individual and private basis to businesses interested in additional marketing of their products and utilizing the celebrity gifting to the fullest!  Simply sign up for our custom services and we'll add it to your group gifting package of services.

Customized Menu of Services:

·       Month long tweet campaign once the gifting has gone out - Reaching well over 100,000 fans and followers online. - $175

 Professional photography by Rachel Olsson Photography  of gifting and product.  This does not include a photograph of your product with the celebrity.  A copy of the photographs will be given to gifter for unlimited use. - $900

·       Press release written specifically about individual product using key words for SEO and then posted on the MommyPerks and Womentorz platforms. - $175

News Release Distribution via professional Newswire service - $375 
Includes: Distribution list selection, upload, personal monitoring of news wire processing, wire crossing confirmation, news release pickup tracking reports

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Celeb Hoopla is celebrity gifting service provided by Womentorz and Mommy Perks to our network of women entrepreneurs.

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