Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Womentorz Pay-to-Pitch Opp: Business Book – How-to sell Art, Crafts, Vintage Items online (printed book with photo illustrations)

This is a top opportunity for Womentorz members or fans to be featured in a book by an author who has published more than half a dozen How-to business books, which are available at, Barnes and Noble and elsewhere. For the pay-to-pitch fee ($75), your business will be pitched directly to the author based on his specific query. If selected to be featured, your business and product will be represented with a write-up and photographs (supplied by you).

This is a more detailed and time-consuming opportunity than some others, so the pricing is a bit different. The opportunity offers a greater level of exposure for your business because of the book opportunity, the length of time that you will receive the publicity, and the level of promotion that this author gives to his books.

The pay-to-pitch fee doesn’t guarantee that the author will select your product to be featured. However, please be certain when you agree to be pitched that you would like to be featured and that you can cover the pay-to-participate fee. We will provide all of the information that we can prior to pitching you to ensure that you can make a good decision for yourself and your business prior to being pitched.

Thanks for reviewing this opportunity! Please email if you’d like to be considered.

Pay-to-Pitch fee: $75
Pay-to-Participate fee: $400

Who should respond: Businesses selling art, crafts or vintage items online.

For a book on how to create and sell handcrafted and vintage items online, a popular author is seeking sellers active at Etsy, eBay and other online venues. Looking for a variety of people who are
passionate about this, either as a one-person part-time business, or a full-time enterprise with employees.

The book will feature traditional arts and crafts like knitting, woodworking and jewelry making, as well as the practice of recycling/upcycling used items into new fashions.

Since these contributions will be used for a photo-illustrated printed book, photos are encouraged
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